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  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program

    *Updated Oct. 14, 2022

    Formula recall

    On Oct.14. 2022 Abbott issued a voluntary recall for its 2 fl. oz. Ready to Feed liquid formulas. The recall is for certain lots of: Similac 360 Total Care Comfort, Similac Special Care 24, Similac Prototal Comfort, Similac Neosure. Click here to see lot numbers.
    Instruction for WIC clients that use/have these formula products:
    • Please go to the Abbott website: www.similacrecall.com to check lot numbers to see if your formula was included in the recall.
    • If you have unredeemed food benefits and use this formula in 2 fl. oz. Ready to Feed containers, please call WIC at 520 724-7777 for an alternative formula.
    *Please note: formulas for medical conditions may still require a prescription from your doctor.*

    Breastfeeding services including peer counseling, lactation consultants, and loaner breast pumps are also available through the WIC program. Call us at 520-724-7777 for services. For 24-hour breastfeeding help, please call the AZ Breastfeeding Hotline at 1-800-833-4642.

    Additional resources:

    FDA: Infant formula information and ongoing FDA efforts to increase supply
    The FDA’s new page has the latest consumer information regarding infant formula. Included are FDA press releases, consumer links, and what is being done to mitigate the shortage.

    ADHS: Updates and guidance from the state on the formula shortage

    ADHS: Can’t find your baby’s usual formula? Use the chart at this link to identify options for a different brand of the same type of formula. Not all formulas listed are eligible for WIC. Contact your local WIC office to see which formulas are covered by your WIC benefit.

    HealthyChildren.org: Multiple stories on formula feeding

    HHS: Information for families during the formula shortage

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    Who is WIC for?

    • Breastfeeding women
    • Children (under age 5)
    • Infants
    • Postpartum women
    • Pregnant women

    What does WIC provide?

    • Breastfeeding Support
    • Healthy Foods
    • Nutrition Information
    • Referrals to Health care and other social services

    Income guidelines for eligibility

    Amounts are based on the income before taxes. Those with SNAP, TANF, or most AHCCCS plans automatically qualify. If you are pregnant, the unborn baby is counted as a family member.

    Income guidelines effective as of April 1, 2022.

    Number of Family Members Income Every Two Weeks  Income Every Month 
    Two* $1,303 $2,823
    Three $1,639 $3,551
    Four $1,975 $4,279
    Five $2,503 $5,006
    Six $2,647  $5,734
     Each additional member $336   $728
    * A pregnant woman is considered a family of 2

    How to apply?

    To apply for WIC benefits please visit a clinic near you. Walk-ins are accepted when there is availability, appointments are preferred. In order to determine your eligibility you will need to bring:

    • Each family member you wish to enroll who are
      • Pregnant
      • Breastfeeding
      • Postpartum women less than one (1) year removed from delivery
      • Children up to five (5) years old
    • One form of identification for each family member from the list below:
      • Birth certificate
      • Driver's license
      • Immunization record
      • Military identification
      • School identification
      • Voter registration card
    • Proof of current income for each person living in the home
    Map of WIC locations


    1. Flowing Wells Office
        4500 N. Old Romero Rd.
         Get Directions

    2. South Office at Walter Rogers
        175 W. Irvington Rd.
         Get Directions

    3. Abrams Public Health Center
        3950 S. Country Club Rd.
         Get Directions

    4. East Office
        6920 E. Broadway Blvd., Suite G
         Get Directions

    The Pima County Health Department is committed to reducing barriers to access health resources and basic needs. The link below will connect you and your family to a wide range of services.

    Additional Pima County Services

    PEEPs - A scholarship program to help children from income-eligible families attend high-quality preschools
    Family Support - Connecting families with the parenting assistance at no cost
    New Moms - Providing support for first-time pregnant women
    Healthy Children - Education and support for pregnant and postpartum women
    Childhood Immunizations - For children in need of vaccinations
    Birth Control - Sexual and reproductive health

    Breastfeeding Resources

    Breastfeeding Education Support Team (BEST)

    WIC Breastfeeding Education Support Team provides encouragement and support to low-income pregnant and postpartum women to help them achieve their personal breastfeeding goals. Breastfeeding information and guidance are provided individually or in group classes. According to the Surgeon General, breastfeeding is one of the most important contributors to infant health. Breastfeeding provides a range of benefits for the infant’s growth, immunity, and development. Breastfeeding also improves the mother’s health and contributes to economic benefits to the family.

    ADHS 24/7 Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Hotline  1-800-833-4642
    Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital  520-873-1609
    Mama's Latte 
    El Rio Community Health Center  520-286-0244
    Northwest Medical Center Lactation Department   
    Starting Out Right  1-877-882-2881
    Tucson Medical Center 520-324-5730
    Le Leche League of Tucson 520-789-6455
    Milk & Honey 520-477-7752
    Elaine O'Neil Lactation 408-497-2057
    Mindful Lactation 520-834-7209

    Community Nutrition Education

    Community Nutrition Education is an important component of the Community Nutrition Programs. Registered Dietitians, Health Educators and other staff are available for presentations, participation in health fairs, and distribution of literature on nutrition-related topics.

    Nutritional Programs - A listing of nutritional programs
    Arizona Farmers Market Nutrition Program - Providing Arizona WIC Participants and Eligible Seniors Arizona-Grown Fruits and Vegetables English | Spanish

    To request a presentation, call (520) 724-7717.

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    Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC) Offices

    Flowing Wells Office
    4500 N. Old Romero Rd.
    Phone: 520-724-9545
    Fax: 520-293-0319

    South Office at Walter Rogers
    175 W. Irvington Rd.
    Phone: 520-724-9530
    Fax: 520-624-6079

    Abrams Public Health Center
    3950 S. Country Club Rd.
    Phone: 520-724-7769
    Fax: 520-724-7998

    East Office
    6920 E Broadway Blvd. Suite G
    Phone: 520-724-9655
    Fax: 520-721-8448

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