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  • Vector (Cockroach and Mosquito) Control

    Mosquito Control

    Information on Human West Nile Virus Illness
    (520) 724-7908

    Information on Illness in Humans and Horses
    (520) 724-7797
    You can help to eliminate mosquito-breeding sites in your yard and neighborhood. When mosquitoes breed close to your home, you and your family are more at risk of being bitten and getting sick.

    What if you find a dead bird?

    If you need to pick up a dead bird, or local authorities tell you to simply dispose of it: Avoid bare-handed contact with any dead animals, and use gloves or an inverted plastic bag to place the bird carcass in a garbage bag and dispose of it with your routine trash.

    To report a mosquito breeding site or dead bird please call the Health Department's West Nile Virus Hotline. For information about illness in humans and horses please call the number on the right.

    Additional Resources

    Cockroach Control

    Cockroach Control Problems
    (520) 724-3401
    Cockroaches are very adaptable and cannot be totally eradicated. In fact, they are important ecologically. Roaches consume decaying organic material, which reduces the volume, so they play a vital role in nature. That having been said, we all want to keep roaches in the great outdoors and not in our homes.

    Please call or visit the Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department's vector control page for service information.
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