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    Think before you flushOur mission is to protect the public health, safety, and the environment by providing quality service, environmental stewardship, and renewable resources. We design, manage and maintain 3,500 miles of the sanitary sewer (conveyance) system and two metropolitan and six sub-regional water reclamation facilities.

    We are doing our part to protect the environment by recycling our most precious resource, water. Pima County uses its highly treated recycled, or reclaimed, water in a myriad of ways, including irrigation of County parks, golf courses and ball fields.

    Utilizing reclaimed water for irrigation is a highly sustainable activity that saves groundwater and Colorado River water for drinking. Reclaimed water is also used to sustain and improve aquatic and wildlife habitats, for dust control and for long-term storage in our underground aquifers. Experts from around the world visit Pima County to study the regional reclaimed water system, which demonstrates effective water recycling techniques in the desert.

    Customer Advisory

    **Sewer Records Research**

    Contact the Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department if you need assistance with Sewer Records Research. Online information is available for customers to research on their own, utilizing tools such as PimaMaps, the Historical Sewer Connection Records Database, and the Sewer Connection Search on the County Permits Database.  If more information is needed, please submit a request using the “Request Sewer Record” at the bottom of the page within the Sewer Connection Search link.

    Sewer Graphic ThumbnailAre you looking for the sewer pipe on your property?

    To access the database records for all of the scanned historical sewer connection cards, please click the arrow below.

    Instructions for searching Historical Sewer Connection Records Database

    Use this link to look for historical sewer connection “cards” supplied by the plumber after installation of a residential sewer connection: Historical Sewer Connection Records

    Please note that the database records contains mostly older connections made in the City of Tucson, and the process of receiving sewer cards dwindled and eventually stopped after 2000.

    Search Window

    Tips for using the document search tool:

    • Enter a search value in only one of the fields and click ‘Search.
    • Using an asterisk symbol (*) at the end, beginning, or on both sides of your entry will show all records with the entry and anything else in place of the asterisk.
    • Example: In the Address field, entering RIVER* will show every record with an address that starts with RIVER.
    • To get the most records, use the asterisk (*) on both sides of your search.
    • Example: Placing and asterisk on both sides of *RIVER* will show every record that has the word RIVER somewhere in the address.

    Wastewater Based Epidemiology and COVID-19

    To find out about Wastewater Based Epidemiology and how wastewater is used to help track COVID-19, please check out our FAQ sheet.

    Thank you.

    Numbers to Know

    A handy guide of useful contact numbers at RWRD.

    Current Employment Opportunities

    • Trades Maintenance Specialist (Heavy Duty Mechanical)
    • Wastewater Technical Services Manager
    • Wastewater Heavy Duty Maintenance Mechanic
    • Trades Maintenance Supervisor (Industrial Electrician Supervisor)
    • Administrative Support Specialist
    • Utility Maintenance Worker II
    • Wastewater Instrumentation and Process Control Specialist
    • Engineering Intern
    • Engineering Assistant
    • Engineer I
    • Wastewater Operations and Maintenance Technician
    • Trades Maintenance Technician (Instrumentation and Controls Maintenance Technician)
    • Wastewater Laboratory Chemist
    • Program Coordinator (Construction Program Coordinator)
    • Wastewater Operations and Maintenance Technician Supervisor
    • Utility Maintenance Worker I
    For more information and to see current job listings, visit Pima County Job Opportunities.


    Major Project Information

    Major Sewer Project Information: www.sewerimprovements.com

    Our Vision

    To be an industry leader in the management and sustainability of the water reclamation cycle and other renewable resources.

    Our Mission

    To protect the public health, safety, and the environment by providing quality service, environmental stewardship, and renewable resources.

    Our Strategic Plan

    RWRD's updated five year Strategic Plan (FY 2014/15 - FY 2018/19) provides a guide to decision-making and resource management in pursuit if its organizational vision, mission and goals. It identifies, goals, and key performance indicators to drive success across six dimensions (pillars) of the organization and across three core business systems.


    Director's Office

    Technical Services and Engineering


    • Conveyance System Operations and Maintenance
    • Pumping System Operations and Maintenance
    • CCTV Program
    • Odor Control Program
    • Capital Improvement Projects
    • Conveyance Rehabilitation Projects
    • Vector (Roach) Control Program
    • Environmental and Safety
    • Conveyance System Management



    Pima County Sustainability & Conservation

    Lower Santa Cruz River - Living River Studies

    To view past reports or to get more information on the Living River Project, visit the Sonoran Institute website.

    Fiscal Year - By the Numbers

    Financial Plans

    Major Regional Planning Studies

    Treatment and Effluent

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    Wastewater Reclamation

    201 N. Stone Ave., 8th Fl.
    Tucson, AZ 85701

    Customer Service: 
    (520) 724-6500
    Customer Service Hours:
    8:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.
    24-Hour Sewer Emergencies: 
    (520) 724-3400
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