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    Non-native grasses have invaded the delicate balance of the Sonoran desert and fuel extremely hot fires that devastate our native plants and animals, and threaten our homes. Buffelgrass and fountain grass both spread quickly and provide energy for fires to burn hotter and quicker than natural desert vegetation.

    Clean Air Program

    Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) operates programs to monitor air and water quality, hazardous waste, solid waste, and assist in waste minimization and pollution prevention. The goal of the Clean Air Program works to maintain healthy air for Pima County.

    Classes and Interpretive Programs

    Description goes here.

    Educator Resources

    Pima County Environmental Quality provides FREE, customized classroom and youth group presentations to assist educators in teaching their students about the environment. Topics include air quality, solid waste management/recycling, pollution prevention, climate change, and going green.


    Pima County has several environmental webpages dedicated to kids.

    Odor Control

    The Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department is committed to mitigating odors emitted from treatment facilities and the sanitary sewerage system. We are interested in hearing from Pima County's residents.

    Publications and Brochures

    Regional Flood Control District and Stormwater Program information.

    Save Our Sewers

    Ordinary kitchen cooking grease can be a real terror in the pipes beneath your home and in our sanitary sewage system. Over time grease build-up clogs pipes, reduces sewage flow, and acts as a magnet for other debris. Learn how you can help save our sewers.

    Sonoran Desert Educational Center

    Information about the plants, animals, ecosystems, cultures, and history of the Sonoran Desert.

    Speaker's Bureau

    You may participate in a training to join the NRPR Speakers' Bureau to give one of the prepared digital slide presentations and to assist in hands-on activities at educational booths at community events. The two focus areas include Buffelgrass and Living with Urban Wildlife Volunteet Speaker Bureaus.

    Vector (Roach) Control

    Cockroaches are very adaptable and cannot be totally eradicated. In fact, they are important ecologically. Roaches consume decaying organic material, which reduces the volume, so they play a vital role in nature. That having been said, we all want to keep roaches in the great outdoors and not in our homes.
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    Department of Environmental Quality

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