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    Pima Animal Care Center is committed to helping pet owners redeem their pets.

    In fact, our No. 1 goal is reuniting you with your pet. We will always work with you to accomplish that goal.

    picture of a dog

    Equally important, we want to help our constituents be responsible owners and take steps to protect their pet. When an animal strays from a home, there are many hazards it might confront from automobile injuries, exposure to harsh weather conditions and just the simple fear of being lost. 

    Fees are based in large part on whether a pet is unaltered or has been spayed or neutered. Making sure pets can no longer have new litters is the most important step community members can take to reduce the numbers of animals coming to our shelter needing homes.

    Please consider the following categories:

    •  I have a service animal: Your license fee may be waived. You will need to sign a certification that you have a service animal as defined by ARS Section 11-1024.
    • I have an altered, licensed pet that was picked up running loose for the first time: Pima Animal Care Center will generally waive all impound and boarding fees. The most that the pet owner may have to pay for is a microchip.
    • I have an unaltered, licensed pet that was picked up running loose for the first time: If an owner agrees to spay or neuter the animal before taking it back home, we will provide the alteration at no cost and also will waive all boarding and impound fees for the first time we’ve taken the pet into our shelter. The most the pet owner may have to pay for is a microchip.
    •  I have an unaltered, unlicensed pet and do not want Pima Animal Care Center to provide alteration of the pet: In this case, impound and boarding fees will not be waived. Redemption fees for those owners, or for pets that have been impounded more than once, may include some of the fees as outlined in the charts below:

    Pima County, City of Tucson, and Oro Valley licensing fees have increased by $1.00 as of July 1, 2019.

    Please include the processing fee of $1 to your payment.

    If you are a resident of Marana or Sahuarita please visit our FAQ's to learn how to license your pet with your town.
    Licensing Fees
    Altered Dog $20.00
    Altered Dog – Low income owner (Limit 4 per household - applies only to unincorporated County residents) $13.00
    Altered Dog – Senior/disabled owner (Limit 4 per household) $15.00
    Unaltered Dog
    Duplicate or transfer-of-ownership license $10.00
    Vicious/dangerous animal license $105.00
    Licensing Late Fees
    Less than one year late $10.00
    One to two years late $22.00
    More than two years late $36.00
    Multi-Dog (kennel) permit, residents of unincorporated Pima County only *Minimum $400
    *The Kennel Permit fee is graduated subject to the number of animals licensed under the fee such that the permit holder pays $400 or 75% of the total cost of licensing all the animals individually, whichever is greater.

    Licensing Fee Discounts

    Discounts on licensing are offered for the following:
    Low income - Download the application form.
    Impound Fees
     Impound Altered (first impoundment waived for licensed dogs)  $75.00
     Impound Altered (second impoundment)  $125.00
     Impound Altered (subsequent impoundments)  $200.00
    Impound Unaltered Animal (first impoundment waived for licensed dogs)* $125.00
    Impound  Unaltered (subsequent  impoundment)* $200.00
    Redemption of Unlicensed, Unaltered Pet Recovery Fee $50 to $250.00
    Boarding Fees (per day)
    Licensed altered dogs and altered cats $15.00
    Puppies and kittens under three months of age $15.00 
    Licensed unaltered dogs or unaltered cats $35.00
    Unlicensed altered dogs $40.00
    Unlicensed unaltered dogs $60.00
    If you are a resident of Marana or Sahuarita, please visit our FAQ's to learn about the animal care services your town is now providing. 

    Marana and Sahuarita residents reside in jurisdictions that do not have an intergovernmental agreement with Pima County. Residents from either jurisdiction who visit PACC for animal care services will be referred back to their respective town. However, those residents who elect not to visit their town’s animal care provider, and still surrender a pet to PACC, must pay for services provided by the shelter.

    Service fees include a $60 daily animal sheltering fee if your pets get lost and is cared for at our shelter, a $120 hourly veterinary care fee, and a $120 euthanasia fee.
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