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  • Request a Civil Traffic Hearing

    Request a Civil Traffic Hearing by Mail or In-Person

    If you were cited for a civil traffic violation and choose to contest the violation, you may request a hearing with a civil traffic hearing officer. We must receive your request prior to the court date written on your ticket. If you are requesting a hearing by mail simply complete the portion of the Bond Card and mail it to the court. Once the court has received your request, a trial date will be scheduled and you will be notified by mail of the trial date.

    If you request a hearing you give up the option of attending defensive driving school.

    You may be represented by an attorney or you may represent yourself.  You cannot be represented by someone who is not an attorney.

    You must appear on your scheduled trial date or your license will be suspended and a default judgment will be entered against you.

    What happens at a Civil Traffic Hearing?

    At Civil Traffic Hearings the judge or hearing officer will hear testimony from the law enforcement officer that issued the citation.  You may testify, submit evidence and have witnesses testify on your behalf but you are not required to do so.  The officer has the burden of proving you committed the violation(s).  In civil traffic matters the burden of proof is by the preponderance of the evidence; meaning, more likely than not you committed the violation.  This is less than in a criminal case where the burden of proof is beyond reasonable doubt.

    After hearing all of the testimony and evidence presented the judge or hearing officer will make a ruling.  The decision is appealable and you will be given instructions with regard to filing an appeal if you choose to do so.  We have provided more information about the appeal process on our website.

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