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    children brushing their teeth

    Childhood tooth decay (cavities) is one of the most common, preventable diseases and can be found in children as young as 12 months. Pima County Health Department's Oral Health Program provides multiple services related to childhood dental care including dental screenings, topical fluoride treatments, and dental sealants.

    Tooth decay in baby teeth can cause pain and even prevent children from being able to eat, speak, sleep and learn properly. Children do not lose all their baby teeth until they are about 12 to 13 years old. The good news is cavities can be prevented with early dental visits, fluoride, regular brushing, flossing, and healthy diets. 

    In addition to offering services for school age children, the Oral Health Program also offers free dental screenings for expectant mothers and educational materials on oral health for mothers, new babies, and children up to age five through the First Smiles Matter program.

    These programs are free of charge through funding from the Arizona Department of Health Services, Office of Oral Health, and the First Things First Program.

    Give your children a reason to smile and learn more about these programs by exploring the information below or by calling (520) 724-7902.

    The Pima County Health Department is committed to reducing barriers to access health resources and basic needs. The link below will connect you and your family to a wide range of free services from PCHD.

    First Smiles (Really Do) Matter!

    Small child smiling with a toothbrush in handFirst Smiles Matter provides free dental screenings and topical fluoride treatments for children, birth to age 5. Expectant mothers may also receive a free dental screening and oral health education about caring for their oral health, as well as their new baby’s oral health - even before they have teeth!

    All screenings and preventive treatments are provided by licensed dental professionals in childcare centers, preschools, pediatric offices, and other places where young children and their families visit. Those needing help finding a dental home or needing assistance enrolling in government insurance can contact our office and we will direct them to the available resources.

    Pima County Health Department’s Oral Health Program coordinates with community partners to provide free preventive oral health services across Pima County. Desert Senita (Ajo), El Rio (Tucson) Community Health Centers, and United Way’s Family Support Alliance collaborate to help children be healthy and ready to succeed in school.

    First Things First, approved by Arizona voters, is an essential leader and partner in creating a family-centered, equitable, and high quality early-childhood system that supports the development, well-being, health and education of all Arizona’s children, birth to age 5.

    The First Smiles Matter Program (FSM) is funded by First Things First’s Pima North & Pima South Regional Partnership Councils.

    For more information, 
    please call the Pima County Health Department's Oral Health Program at (520) 724-7902.

    For more information, 
please call the Pima County Health Department's Oral Health Program at (520) 724-7902.
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    First Smiles Matter Consent Form English | Español
    First Smiles Matter Expectant Mother Consent Form English | Español
    First Things First

    Preventing Cavities with Dental Sealants!

    Dental sealants are clear or tooth-colored plastic coatings that are applied to the surfaces of healthy permanent molars to prevent cavities in hard to clean surfaces of the teeth, where food and germs can easily get trapped and cause tooth decay.

    Pima County Health Department's Oral Health Program has been providing services through the Arizona School-based Dental Sealant Program for 18 years. Our program provides dental screenings and sealants to 2nd and 6th grade children who attend qualifying schools at no charge to the school or parents. Children in these two age groups typically have new adult molars coming in and dental sealants help to prevent cavities in these permanent molars. The screening and sealant application process is done on site in a mobile dental RV by licensed dental professionals, while the children are at school. The program is offered free of charge through funding from the Arizona Department of Health Services, Office of Oral Health.

    More than 120 schools in our local unified school districts, Amphitheater, Flowing Wells, Marana, Sunnyside, Tucson, and some charter schools are eligible to participate in this valuable program. Interested schools can call to check their eligibility and get additional information by contacting the Arizona Department of Health Services, Office of Oral Health at (602) 542-1866. To apply online click here.

    You can reach the program at dentalsealant@pima.gov or by calling 520-724-7902.

    Contact your child's school health office to confirm participation. If their school is participating you can fill out, print, sign, and return the below consent forms to their 2nd or 6th grade teacher or the school nurse.

    Cavity Free AZ Program InformationInformación del programa de sellador dental
    Cavity Free AZ Program Consent formFormulario de Consentimiento del programa de sellador dental    

    Links for additional information about Dental Sealants and School-based Dental Sealant Programs:

    Exterior of the Pima County mobile dental RV vehicleThe Pima County Mobile Dental Unit, owned and operated by the Pima County Health Department, is a 36 ft. Airstream motor home - converted into a two-chair clinic with state of art equipment and is wheelchair accessible. Currently, the Mobile Dental Unit is part of the Arizona School-based Dental Sealant Program. The mobile unit travels to various elementary and middle schools within the Amphitheater, Flowing Wells, Marana, Sunnyside, and Tucson Unified School Districts. Please see the Dental Sealant tab for more information regarding this program. The Mobile Dental Unit can also be found at several events within Pima County. If spotted feel free to stop by and say hello! 

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