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  • Air Quality Permitting Overview

    Step 1: Administrative Completeness Review:

    Once the application is received by Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ), it is reviewed for administrative completeness.  The reviewer (a permit writer) will look for whether: a responsible official has signed the application, the application contains the required forms, the forms were filled out properly (in ink or typed).  Once the application has been deemed administratively complete, it is evaluated for technical completeness. The administrative review process typically takes one to two weeks.

    Step 2: Technical Completeness Evaluation

    The reviewer will determine if the application is technically complete by evaluating whether the responsible official has included all the necessary forms and if the information requested on the forms has been provided.  If the application is not technically complete, the reviewer will contact the facility to request additional information.
    Although a permit application may be technically complete, it may not provide enough detailed information to draft a permit that accurately characterizes the facility while assuring that all of the regulatory requirements have been addressed.  If the permit writer determines the application doesn't contain adequate information to draft a permit, additional information will be requested.

    Step 3: Draft Permit and Facility Review

    After the permit and supporting materials (e.g. technical support document) are drafted, the permit will undergo a peer review process, to determine if the emissions were properly evaluated, permit limits are appropriate and enforceable, and the permit is clear, concise, and consistent.  The draft permit will also be provided to the facility for their review.

    Step 4: Preparation for Publishing (Proposed Permit)

    Once the draft permit is reviewed and approved, it is prepared for public notice.  The draft permit status changes to proposed permit.  The proposed permit is open to the public for public comment for 30days.  During this public comment period the public may request a public hearing for the permit.  The Proposed Permit for Class I (Title V) sources is also sent to the US Environmental Protection Agency for review and comment.  View Proposed Permits in Public Notice

    Step 5: Response to Comments

    Once the public comment period has ended and a hearing held (if requested), a response document is drafted to address all of the public comments received.  The response document is shared with all of 'those who commented and the facility and made part of the permit record.  Class I permits are also reviewed by EPA.  EPA has 45 days from receipt of the proposed permit to conduct their review. If the permit requires substantial changes due to public comment, the permit may have to undergo another public comment period.

    Step 6: Prepare and Issue Permit

    After public comments are addressed, the permit will be prepared for signature.  Once the permit is signed copies are distributed to the appropriate parties.
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