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  • Public Water Systems Operations and Maintenance

    A Public Water System is defined as a water system that serves 15 or more connections, or 25 or more people, for more than 60 days a year. There are approximately 180 currently identified Public Water Systems in Pima County.
    PDEQ is responsible for inspecting these systems to ensure that construction and operation are in accordance with ADEQ's Safe Drinking Water rules.

    These inspections of well sites, pressure and storage tanks, treatment equipment and distribution systems, determine whether minimum design criteria, described in Arizona Administrative Code R18-5-502 and ADEQ's Engineering Bulletin 10 are being met and maintained. The requirements for adequate water supply disinfection, described in ADEQ's Engineering Bulletin 8  are also evaluated through inspection and, if necessary, testing and reporting by the system operator.

    Importantly, EPA has published the Groundwater Rule. The purpose of the Groundwater Rule is to provide for increased protection against microbial pathogens in public water systems that use groundwater sources. EPA is particularly concerned about ground water systems that are susceptible to fecal contamination since disease-causing pathogens may be found in fecal contamination. 

    PDEQ is responsible for identifying new water systems that meet the definition of a Public Water System, and working with operators and responsible parties to ensure production and distribution of safe drinking water.
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