ASARCO Permitting


Minor Permit Revision Application (05-15-2019)

ASARCO Mission Complex Air Quality Permit Renewal Application

The Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) is processing the received  Air Quality Permit renewal application from the ASARCO, LLC, Mission Complex.  The proposed permit is available for public comment.

Documents related to the ASARCO, LLC, Mission Complex Air Quality Permit Renewal are provided below.

If you have questions regarding this proposed permit, please contact Rupesh Patel of PDEQ at (520) 724-7400 or e-mail Rupesh Patel.


Final Permit (12-21-2018)
Final TSD (12-21-2018)
Public Notice
Air Quality Permit Renewal Application

Proposed Permit
Proposed TSD
Mission Mine Potential To Emit
Moly Circuit Potential To Emit


ASARCO submitted Air Quality Permit Renewal Application (10-16-2017)


Public Notice Request to Tucson Newspapers (9-19-2013)
Tailings Management Plan Final Submittal (9-19-2013)

PDEQ Letter of Permit Issuance to Source (3-19-2013)

PDEQ Final TSD (3-19-2013)

PDEQ Final PTE (3-19-2013)

PDEQ Final Permit (3-19-2013)

PDEQ Response to EPA 45-Day Review Comments (3-11-2013)

PDEQ Letter of Intent to Issue Permit Addressed to Interested Parties (3-20-2013)

PDEQ Response to Public Comments (1-18-2013)

PDEQ Letter to EPA Requesting Standard 45-Day Review (1-18-2013)


PDEQ Proposed TSD (9-28-2012)

PDEQ Proposed Permit (9-28-2012)

ASARCO Mission PTE FINAL (9-28-2012)

PDEQ Public Notice Letter to Source (9-27-2012)

PDEQ Public Hearing Notice (9-26-2012)


ASARCO Response to PDEQ Comments on Draft Berm Building Dust Control Plan (4-1-2010)

PDEQ Comments & Follow up Questions After Berm Construction Dust Control Plan Meeting (3-5-2010)


ASARCO submitted Continuous Assurance Monitoring (CAM) Plan (3-7-2008)

ASARCO response to Incomplete Application Letter (3-7-2008)

PDEQ Incomplete Application Letter to ASARCO (1-25-2008)


ASARCO submitted Air Quality Permit renewal application (12-13-2007)

PDEQ Permit Renewal Call Letter to ASARCO (6-6-2007)


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