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  • 101 Ways to Reduce Waste

    1     Replace disposable with reusable

    2     Buy used instead of new

    3     Recycle your cans

    4     Maintain your car; it'll last longer

    5     Garden

    6     Reupholster a raggedy old sofa instead of throwing it out

    7     Replace disposable alkaline batteries with rechargeable batteries

    8     Drop unwanted paint off at the Tucson/Pima Household Hazardous Waste Program

    9     Donate still useful items to charitable groups

    10    Use remanufactured toner cartridges; they perform the same as new ones and cost less

    11    Maximize the life of appliances by performing regular maintenance

    12    Shop resale stores, yard sales, second hand, donation centers and estate sales--good for the budget and the earth

    13    Rent, lend, and borrow instead of buying new

    14    Keep tires inflated, they'll last longer and your car will pollute less

    15    Learn about your local recycling opportunities

    16    Participate in your local recycling programs

    17    While on vacation, use the recycling programs at parks, hotels and campgrounds

    18    Recycle your Christmas tree at Tricycle instead of dumping it

    19    Invest in a living or artificial Christmas tree that you can enjoy for many years

    20    Look for a reusable coffee filter to replace disposable filters

    21    Donate your old glasses to service groups who forward them to folks in need

    22    Generate revenue by practicing thrift

    23    Reuse envelopes

    24    Bring a reusable mug to work

    25    Rent formal wear

    26    Use reusable furnace and air conditioner filters

    27    Repair and refinish well-used furniture

    28    Compost (let it rot)

    29    Maintain your property, goods, and stuff--they will last  longer

    30    Share your knowledge

    31    Borrow books from the library

    32    Leave grass clippings on lawn

    33    Give a battery charger with rechargeable batteries as a gift

    34    Have a white elephant party; it's a great way to pass along unwanted stuff

    35    Recycle your plastic beverage containers

    36    Reuse wrapping paper to re-wrap or line shelves and drawers

    37    Cut the front off of greeting cards you receive and re-send them as postcards or use as gift tags

    38    Break the paper towel habit; use cloth and sponges

    39    Change your cooler pads; it will run more efficiently

    40    Bring a "no garbage" lunch to work or school, using reusable containers, bags, and a thermos

    41    Read, then pass on your magazines to offices, hospitals or other waiting rooms to be re-read

    42    Make your mattress last--turn it and reverse it end-to-end twice a year

    43    Donate your old mattress to others

    44    Ride your bike

    45    Close the drapes to keep the room cool

    46    Dry clothing on clothesline instead of using a gas or electric dryer

    47    Recycle your corrugated cardboard

    48    Recycle your glass containers

    49    Buy what you need, use what you buy

    50    Repair durable goods instead of dumping them when they fail

    51    Offer leftovers to neighbors and friends

    52    Don't buy a gallon when a quart will do

    53    Be water smart; install low-flow plumbing fixtures

    54    Make note pads out of print overruns, computer printouts, outdated forms and stationery

    55    Print and copy on both sides of the paper

    56    Use routing slips to circulate memos instead of making multiple copies

    57    Donate old computers

    58    Call 1-877-3LITTER to report Arizona litterbugs

    59    Reuse empty containers to refrigerate  leftovers, pack lunch food, keep buttons, or store hardware in the shop

    60    Buy the large size of items you use often

    61    Use refillable in lotions, soaps, and cleaning products

    62    Get a closer shave by using reusable razors

    63    Avoid disposables

    64    Pass on or donate stuff your kids have outgrown

    65    Reuse packing pellets or offer them for reuse to packing services and postal mailing centers

    66    Rotate your tires; they'll last longer

    67    Take a re-usable bag shopping

    68    Rent or borrow instead buying movies and video games

    69    Keep mailing lists current to avoid duplication

    70    Use concentrates

    71    Look for products with high levels of post-consumer materials

    72    Use non-toxic products

    73    Buy products with minimal packaging

    74    Reformat computer disks for reuse

    75    Reformat videotapes for reuse

    76    Reduce excess

    77    Buy in bulk and use it all

    78    Carpool

    79    Use water based paints

    80    Turn your computer monitor off when leaving for more than an hour

    81    Share

    82    Change habits

    83    Buy products in packaging that can be recycled locally

    84    Minimize packaging

    85    Lend

    86    Look for durability in products you buy and use, not just lower price

    87    RE-think habits and customs

    88    Reuse grocery bags

    89    Stop receiving unwanted mail (call 791-5000 to find out how)

    90    Take the bus

    91    Consolidate trips and errands to one trip

    92    Turn the car off while waiting in line

    93    Walk, ride bikes, roller blade, skateboard instead of driving

    94    Recycle your newspaper

    95    Turn the light off when you leave the room

    96    Conserve water

    97    Wrap gifts in materials you already have such as the comics, children's artwork, colorful bags, scarves, maps, or fabric

    98    Clean the condenser coils on your refrigerator every few months--you can reduce electricity consumption 6% or more

    99    Listen to your parents (they have good ideas)

    100   Talk to someone who lived during the depression to learn how it was

    101   Pass this list on to someone else

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