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  • Las Artes, Arts & Education Center

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    23 W. 27th St.
    South Tucson, AZ 85713

    (520) 724-5050
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    Las Artes offers a unique learning environment for youth ages 17-22. We combine structured classroom study combined with community art projects that allow students to prepare for General Education Development (GED) test and learn valuable job-readiness skills.

    Classes are held 30 hours per week and students must attend daily. The aim is to blend the best of classroom instruction with a hands-on project where attention to detail is emphasized.

    Las Artes pays students a weekly stipend. Students who meet all of the program’s academic and attendance requirements can earn a bonus!

    Las Artes students

    Student Services

    Students benefit emotionally, financially and academically from support on a variety of related issues ranging from language barriers, anger management, legal intervention, or child care. Qualified Case Managers coach and counsel students to overcome issues that keep them from succeeding in the classroom.


    Las Artes muralStudents are required to complete basic education courses and an eight-week community art project. They begin by taking a placement assessment called TABE that matches their level of education with coursework.

    The time frame to complete the GED, when entering at:
    • Level 1: 32 weeks
    • Level 2: 24 weeks
    • Level 3: 16 weeks
    Placement levels are determined at the time of assessment.

    Earn while you Learn

    Hardships hinder a student's ability to attend school. Las Artes pays students a weekly incentive to offset the cost of transportation, clothing and school supplies. As an added incentive, students may be eligible for bonuses based on attendance and academic requirements of the program.

    Art Projects

    Magnificent mosaic art murals created by Las Artes students beautify neighborhoods, libraries, and other public buildings throughout Pima County. Through an eight-week project, students receive valuable on-the-job training and learn team building, punctuality, community involvement and self-confidence, which are all essential to developing a strong work ethic. Students also gain a sense of pride and accomplishment through this community connection.


    Youth must complete an application and take a basic academic assessment to determine placement level for Las Artes.

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