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  • Volume, Crash & Ordinance Data

    Traffic volume data for many streets, crash statistics for intersections and roadway segments, and traffic control ordinances such as speed limits, stop signs, and school crossings are available below.

    Volume Data

    Pima County collects and maintains traffic volumes for many roadways in unincorporated Pima County. Data is collected as either a short duration count or a continuous count. A short duration count is typically for a 24-hour timeframe and is known as Average Daily Traffic (ADT). Continuous count data is obtained from a permanent counter station that collects continuous traffic volume data. This raw data is analyzed based on daily, weekly, and seasonal cycles to develop the traffic volume used for planning which is known as Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT). Pima County uses AADT developed by the Pima Association of Governments (PAG) for planning.

    Regional AADT Counts for Planning Purposes

    PAG Travel Data and Forecasting

    Traffic Ordinances

    Ordinances are available  through this link. For ordinances such as "L01 - Traffic Signals," "L03 - Intersection Control Beacon," and "O01 - Stop," their location may be defined by cross streets. Therefore, to see all ordinances of these types on a given street, check "Include ordinances with this location in From or To."

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