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  • General Permits

    PDEQ General Permits

    Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaners
    Permit (expires July 1, 2025) Application Technical Support Document
    2022 Dry Cleaner Calendar
    2021 Dry Cleaner Calendar
    2020 Dry Cleaner Calendar

    Human and Animal Crematories
    Permit (expires May 18, 2025) Application Technical Support Document

    Gasoline Dispensing Facilities
    Permit (expires October 27, 2025) Application Technical Support Document

    Non-Metallic Material Handling Facilities
    Permit (expires May 30, 2027)


    Technical Support Document

    Plating, Anodizing and Polishing Facilities
    Permit (expires December 2, 2025) Application
    PTE - Excel Spreadsheet

    Technical Support Document

    Fuel Burning Equipment (Boilers & Generators)
    Permit (expires March 30, 2027) Application
    PTE - Excel Spreadsheet

    Technical Support Document

    ADEQ General Permits

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sources are required to submit a copy of ADEQ's Notice of Equipment Transfer to PDEQ when portable equipment is transferred to and from Pima County.  Download and print the Air Quality Division GP - Portable Source Notice of Equipment Transfer Form on the ADEQ Forms Webpage.

    Download and print copies of the current ADEQ General Permits on the ADEQ General Permits Webpage

    Download and print ADEQ General Permit applications below:
    Air Curtain Incinerators
    Concrete Batch Plant Application
    Crushing and Screening Plant Application
    Hot Asphalt Plant Application
    Soil Vapor Extraction Unit Application  

    PDEQ has expanded its use of general permits to authorize activities under various environmental regulations. General permits streamline the permitting of classes of facilities or activities that are sufficiently similar in design or operation to warrant general requirements or conditions.

    When requesting a General Permit for use in Pima County, please mail application and $540 fee to:

    Pima County Department of Environmental Quality
    Air Permits Section
    33 N. Stone Ave, Suite 700
    Tucson, AZ 85701-1429

    Below you will find information for PDEQ General Permits and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) General Permits for which PDEQ is the delegated authority for sources operating within Pima County.

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    Department of Environmental Quality

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