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  • Sewer Billing Suspension

    If you are gone for longer than a month, as our winter visitors are, then submit the form below with the dates of your absence/vacancy; we will bill for the Monthly Service Fee, only. For example, if you are gone from April to October, your bill will be $13.00 per month while you are gone (based on the rate in effect June 1, 2017 - please check with PCRWRD for current rates). When you are in residence again, the bill will be based on your established winter usage.

    ** NOTE ** If you do not wish to use this form, you may call us at (520) 724-6609.

    Sewer Billing Suspension / Vacancy Request Feedback Form

    Property Information
    (where service is provided)

    Account Number:*  

    Street Number:*   Street Direction:*  

    Street Name:*    Unit:  

    Enter date range for vacant/vacation stop (mm/dd/yyyy):

    Leave Date:*    Return Date:*  

    Billing Information

    First Name:    Last Name:*  

    Company Name:  

    Telephone:*   (ex: 520-999-9999)  FAX:   (ex: 520-999-9999)

    E-mail address:* 

    Enter the reason for an absence greater than 9 months:

    Enter the address to send the sewer bills if different than above:

    Referred from Page: 

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