Design Review Committee

Notices, Agendas and other information

MISSION: To protect the character and desirable living conditions of surrounding areas through careful site planning that alleviates impacts of new development; to encourage site planning and building design that establishes a sensitive relationship both internally and between the elements of the site plan and contextual features of scenic, environmental, or cultural significance; preserve visual amendity especially through the enhancement of roadway aesthetics; and accomplish other defined goals and review.

:  Pima County Zoning Code Section 18.99.030.


  • Planning and Development Services Director
  • Director, Transportation and Flood Control District
  • Chief Zoning Inspector
  • Architect appointed by the Board of Supervisors
  • Landscape architect appointed by the Board
  • Civil engineer or land planner appointed by the Board
  • Person experienced in residential and commercial property development, appointed by the Board
  • Person representing homeowners' association in the community at-large, appointed by the Board
  • Person representing all affected homeowners' association(s) of a specific development proposal, approved by such associations for review of that proposal only.  In review of historic zone development, a member of the applicable Historic District Advisory Board will fill this position
  • Person representing the Tucson-Pima Arts Council or the director of arts in public places for the City of Tucson, to only review and approve streetscape sculpture and furniture in accordance with Landscaping, Buffereing and Screening Standards of the Code (18.73.030)
  Member  Office Term Expiration
 1   William Yarnell
 July 31, 2022
 2  Evan Eglin
   August 31, 2022
 3  Barbara Becker
 Civil Engineer or Land Planner
   July 31, 2022
 4  Caryl Clement
 Landscape Architect
 October 31, 2022
 5  Paul Wheeler
 Homeowner Association
  August 31, 2022
 6  Mark Holden, Principal Planner
 Zoning Inspection
   No Term
 7  Jonathan Crowe, Principal Planner
 Transportation & Flood Control District
   No Term
 8  Chris Poirier, Planning Official
 Director, Development Services
   No Term
*Loyalty Oath Pending

APPOINTMENT TERM:  3 years with a limit of 2 terms

:  As required

: 1:30 p.m., 3rd Thursday of the month

December 2021


Terrill Tillman
Development Services
(520) 724-6921

Location of Meetings

Public Works Building
Meeting Room "C", Basement
201 N. Stone Ave.
Tucson, AZ  85701