Adult Group Programs

Bringing Nature to Your Group

The following presentations are designed for groups of ten or more and are tailored for ages 18 and up. Presentations typically last one hour, but can be adjusted to meet the needs of your group. Programs require an indoor space for digital-slide presentation. For program fee schedule or to arrange a program, email or call 520-724-5375.

To schedule a program for your group call 724-5375 or email Environmental Education

Living with Urban Wildlife

Learn about our local wildlife, their habitat needs, and why they may be attracted to your yard or neighborhood. Discuss ways to design and manage your property to benefit both you and wildlife, and get practical tips for living in harmony with our fellow desert inhabitants.

Wildlife of the Sonoran Desert

Wildlife that inhabit the Sonoran Desert have specialized adaptations that allow them to thrive. From roadrunners to regal horned lizards and round-tailed ground squirrels, explore how animals are adapted to life in the Sonoran Desert.

Plants of the Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert is home to more than 2,000 species of plants, ranging from towering saguaro to tiny desert ferns, from ancient ironwoods to ephemeral poppies. Discover the many strategies plant employ to not only survive in their arid environment, but to thrive!

The Secret Lives of Pollinators

Pollinators are extremely diverse and an integral part of virtually every ecosystem. Explore the relationship between plants and their pollinators and discover how heavily we rely on pollinators in our everyday lives. Learn why many of our native pollinators are in peril and what you can do to help.

All About Saguaros

Learn about the ecology and traditional uses of our most iconic desert plant, the saguaro cactus. Discuss the importance of saguaros to native wildlife, as well as native peoples of the Sonoran Desert.

Gardening for Birds and Butterflies

Want to attract birds and butterflies to your yard? Learn which native, arid-adapted plants and landscape features to add to your garden to provide attractive wildlife-friendly habitat.

The Wonderful World of Bats

Explore the exciting nightlife of bats, their intriguing adaptations, and the important roles they play in the environment. Discuss current threats to bat populations and what efforts are being made to protect them.

Venomous and Poisonous Animals of Arizona

Learn about the biology and adaptations of some of Arizona’s amazing creatures including rattlesnakes, scorpions, spiders, Gila monsters, and toads.

Animal Attraction and the Mating Game

Attracting a mate is an important part of life in the animal world. Explore how animals use scent, sound, color, and impressive displays to catch the attention of potential mates.

Buffelgrass: An Alien Invasion

Learn why the spread of buffelgrass is a threat to our desert and urban communities, and how you can join the effort to help manage, control, and eradicate this aggressive, non-native grass.

Life of a Black Bear

Learn about the natural history and habits of black bears in Arizona. Engage in a discussion of how to avoid encounters with bears while hiking or camping in black bear country.

Monsoon Mysteries

Explore the interesting events that occur during the monsoon, including weather phenomena and how plants and animals respond to them. We also discuss the outlook for this year’s monsoon.

Bring Your Group to Pima County Parks and Trails

Let Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation help you customize your group’s outdoor experience. We can tailor our outings to meet your time, skill-level, location and interest needs.

Birding and Nature Walks

Popular locations include Sweetwater Preserve, Cienega Creek Natural Preserve, Colossal Cave Mountain Park, and Agua Caliente Park.

Birding Walks
Enjoy a casual stroll with a local birding expert in search of resident and migratory birds. Pima County has numerous birding hotspot locations from which to choose.

Nature Walks and Hikes
Pima County Naturalists coordinate with your group to plan and lead an interpretive nature walk or hike that meets your group’s interest and hiking ability.


Harvesting the Desert (changes seasonally)
The desert is a veritable marketplace. Learn what desert plants have been traditionally used as food and fiber. Activities may include sampling desert delicacies, making cordage and practicing harvesting techniques.

Gardening for Birds and Butterflies
Learn which native plants and landscape features to add to your garden to attract birds and butterflies then put that knowledge to practice by designing a garden plot.


Historical Tour of Agua Caliente Park
Enjoy a guided walking tour of the historic buildings and plantings, and learn how the once-abundant water from the spring enabled productive ranching and farming activities on the property.

Tour of Historic Canoa Ranch
Experience a guided walking tour of the ranch headquarters. Visit the historic ranch buildings and corrals and learn the stories of the people who lived and worked on the ranch. To schedule a group tour at Historic Canoa Ranch, email or call (520) 724-5220.
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