Pima County Brownfields Program

Program Overview

In communities across the United States, both rural and urban, the legacy of the country's industrial past now lays dormant in areas where once vibrant industrial and commercial districts existed. Brownfields are sites that have actual or perceived contamination; nevertheless, these sites have potential for redevelopment and reuse. Previous uses such as gas stations, manufacturing sites or industrial facilities, are now abandoned paved lots, derelict buildings, and home to rusting equipment.

These sites are often deemed a liability due to the "potential" of perceived contamination hindering their reuse and redevelopment; however, the utilization of available federal and state brownfields initiatives can provide local governments, private developers, non-profit agencies, financial institutions, insurance companies, and community activists the tools and resources necessary to successfully redevelop these denigrated areas.

Program Purpose and Background:

The purpose of the Pima County Brownfields Program is to take advantage of available federal, state, and local resources to promote brownfields redevelopment activities. This will be accomplished by analyzing the distribution, quantity, and conditions of brownfields sites in Pima County.

A fuller understanding of these potential brownfields sites will encourage the reuse of these abandoned, deteriorated, and underutilized properties into productive and viable land uses facilitating community and economic revitalization in targeted areas.

The program will foster a broad economic and community development strategy for Pima County and is designed to complement existing and proposed redevelopment initiatives.
Brownfields Brochure
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The Pima County Brownfields Program will place emphasis on addressing brownfields sites as a mechanism to:
  • Establish, implement and expand upon a successful Pima County Brownfields Program.
  • Utilize and pursue available brownfields resources to facilitate and expand economic development opportunities specifically focusing in Pima County Community Development Target Areas and established Infill Incentive Districts.
  • Engage, educate and foster active and interested communities within Pima County to partner and pursue available brownfields resources.
  • Continue to work closely with other brownfields programs within Southern Arizona to develop a more regional approach to brownfields redevelopment.
For more Information please contact Ryan Stephenson by email or phone, 520-724-3751.
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