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  • Young Adult Sexual Health

    Whether you're sexually active or not, you need to know about your body and mind. And being knowledgeable gets you prepared for the first or next time you have sex.

    The best way to prevent a pregnancy or getting infected with a sexually transmitted disease is to not have sex. Sexual Health

    If You Decide to Have Sex

    Choose only one partner, someone who only has sex with you

    Remember - just because you and your partner may be monogamous now, you're still at risk of getting an STD because of your previous partners or your partner's previous partners.

    Get tested

    If you or your partner have had sex before, especially unprotected sex, you may have an STD and not know it A lot of STDs don't have symptoms but you can still infect a partner Some STDs are curable, but if you don't get tested and treated, STDs can lead to infertility, disfiguration, long-term pain, or cancer – no joke.

    Proper condom useUse latex condoms correctly

    Always use water-based lubricants (like K-Y, Astroglide, etc.) with latex condoms - oil lubricants, like petroleum jelly, baby oil, cooking oil, are bad for latex and cause breakage. A female condom or dental dam may protect these areas better.

    If You Think You're Pregnant or Have an STD

    • Don't have sex until you get checked out
    • Don't panic, but don't avoid taking care of yourself
    • Talk with a school nurse or family doctor
    • Contact the Pima County Health Department - the Health Department is a place where you can:
      • Get tested for STDs and HIV
      • Discover if you're pregnant
      • Learn about birth control options, including emergency contraception
      • Find someone who can answer your questions about sex
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