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  • Catalina Regional Park

    4135 East Trotter Place
    Catalina, AZ 85741
    (520) 724-5000
    Open: Dawn - Dusk

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    Catalina Regional Park is a long, narrow park that follows the Cañada Del Oro (CDO) Wash flood plain.

    Warning! This area is subject to FLASH FLOODING conditions. Please check weather updates via the National Weather Service and be aware of storm developments in the surrounding areas. Plan ahead and note areas of access to higher ground. In the event of rising water levels, seek higher ground immediately. Areas that are subject to flooding conditions, may have hazards such as unstable banks, loose sand, falling trees, and vegetative debris. Please be aware of your surroundings, and avoid walking along the wash channel or its banks to help avoid tripping, falling or sinking hazards.
    For questions regarding Catalina Regional Park call (520) 724-5000.

    Catalina Regional Park is a joint project between Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation and the Pima County Regional Flood Control District.

    Catalina Regional Park Trail


    Within Catalina Regional Park is a main north/south trail and other designated trails that are open for hiking, mountain biking, bird watching and equestrian use. This multi-use trail links to the CDO Wash and the 50 Year Trail. All off-trail activity is strictly prohibited. Areas of the park have been fenced to reduce illegal off-road motor vehicle activities, illegal dumping, and illegal wood cutting. The park will continue to be monitored by NRPR staff and Pima County Sheriff deputies.

    Park History

    The 2003 Aspen Fire damaged a significant portion of the north side of the Santa Catalina Mountains resulting in flooding along the Cañada del Oro Wash in Catalina. Pima County provided relief to residents impacted by the flood by purchasing approximately 200 acres of damaged properties. Following this acquisition efforts where completed to remove damaged structures and overgrown vegetation and debris to create a natural resource park. In the past several years the county has acquired additional lands to expand the footprint of this natural resource park, including the addition of a 29-acre parcel in October of 2016. The 260 acres park along the Canada del Oro Wash is a regional asset that is managed as open space and for passive recreation activities.

    Catalina Regional Park PondWildlife Habitat

    The county has installed wildlife drinkers on the property to enhance wildlife habitats. A wildlife pond has been developed into a wetland area for wildlife. The pond is a great area to observe some of the diverse wildlife within the park.

    The county maintains and monitors groundwater wells on the property, has developed test plots to monitor various weed strategies, and has fenced livestock out of most areas of the park to further maintain and improve natural areas as wildlife habitat.

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