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  • Political Signs Notification Form

    Pima County Zoning Code Agreement
    This form should be used in accordance with the Pima County Zoning Code, Section 18.79.110E.15 for anyone erecting a political sign. The individual or organization erecting the sign shall file with the zoning inspector the name, address and telephone number of the individual responsible for the installation and removal of the sign.

    Contact Information for Responsible Individual or Authorized Agent

    First Name: *    Last Name: *  
    Name of Campaign: *  
    Mailing Address: *  
    City: *    State: *    Zip code: *  
    Phone: *  
    By completing and submitting this form, I agree to the following pursuant to the Pima County Zoning Code, Section 18.79.110E.15:
    1. A sign shall not be installed more than thirty days prior to an election;
    2. A sign shall be removed no more than ten days after the election;
    3. Signs erected for a primary election may remain if they continue to be valid for the general election.

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