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  • Residents review plans to extend Sunset Road to Silverbell Road, River Road

    Jun 10, 2014 | Read More News
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    More than 70 people attended an open house on Monday, June 9, to review Pima County Department of Transportation plans to extend Sunset Road from I-10 to Silverbell Road and to River Road.

    Sunset Road projectThe project is part of the $2.1 billion Regional Transportation Authority plan approved by Pima County voters in 2006.

    According to the plans, Sunset Road will be three lanes, with one lane of travel in each direction and a two-way left-turn lane. It will include appropriate auxiliary turn lanes at the intersections with Silverbell Road, Interstate 10 frontage roads and River Road.

    The project has two phases.

    The first phase – Segment I, from Silverbell Road to the I-10 eastbound frontage road – includes the construction of a new bridge across the Santa Cruz River along with an at-grade intersection with the existing I-10 eastbound frontage road.

    The bridge replaces one that was destroyed by flooding in 1983. The new bridge will be south of the original bridge’s location and cross a narrower width of the Santa Cruz River, which requires rerouting Sunset Road and its intersection with Silverbell Road farther south.

    Segment I will include an 8-foot-wide shared-use path on the south side and a 5-foot-wide paved walkway on the north side. Construction is expected to begin in late summer 2015 and take about a year.

    The second phase, Segment II, will be developed to the Design Concept level but not constructed until after the Arizona Department of Transportation lowers Interstate 10 in that area.

    Segment II will begin along the new Sunset Road alignment, approximately 1,200 feet west of the eastbound frontage road. Sunset Road will be raised to meet reconstructed I-10 frontage roads, travel over a lowered I-10 and the existing Union Pacific Railroad tracks and then connect to River Road as an at-grade “T” intersection.

    For more information, please visit the project website.

    Sunset Road project