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  • New Employee Wellness Platform

    Aug 16, 2022 | Read More News
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    New Employee Wellness Platform For Managing 
    Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discounts

    Pima County has launched a new Employee Wellness platform through Virgin Pulse for all employees enrolled in Pima County’s medical plan. With this new platform comes new programs, as well as additional ways to earn points for your medical premium discount. If you are enrolled in our medical plan, Virgin Pulse should be sending you a welcome email with instructions on how to sign up and register.  

    Sign Up and Register for Virgin Pulse Today at join.virginpulse.com/pimacounty

    With this new platform comes some changes to our program structure. We will no longer be using the 50/100/150 point system as the points within the new Virgin Pulse platform are different; however, our goal is to keep your effort level the same for the premium discount previously earned. While the point values themselves will shift, you are still eligible to earn the same premium discounts amounts $5 - $35 per pay check.  You will find that our new platform provides many more ways to earn points and points may be earned on a daily basis.

    You can find more info on our new structure in our program overview

    Through Virgin Pulse, you will be able to track your discount progress so you can see exactly how many points you have, and how many you need to earn to maximize your premium discount. Any points you earned from March 01, 2022 through current are being converted over to the new platform. That conversion takes time, so if you do not see points in your account right away don’t worry, these current points will not be applied until the 2023/2024 Plan Year, so we will have sufficient time to make the conversion.  Points for preventative exams, COVID vaccines/boosters, and SmartDollar specifically will be slightly delayed.   

    Don’t miss out on this new exciting opportunity to not only earn your Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discounts while making meaningful strides towards improving your health!