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  • Defensive Driving

    Defensive Driving School

    If you choose to attend Defensive Driving School (DDS), and meet the eligibility requirements, you will not have to make a court appearance provided you complete the class seven (7) days prior to your scheduled court date. Otherwise, you must appear on your scheduled court date and request permission to attend driving school. All Juveniles must appear in Court and obtain permission from the judge prior to attending defensive driving school.

    Advantages of attending defensive driving school:
    • Points are not assessed to your motor vehicle record.
    • Your insurance rate does not go up.
    • You will learn valuable traffic information, driving techniques and laws.

    Eligibility Requirements 

    • You have not attended a defensive driving course for a traffic citation within the past 12 months. 
    • Your citation must be on the list of eligible violations
    • If eligible, you can attend for one moving violation only. (e.g. speed, lane change)
    • If the “accident” box is checked on your complaint, you must appear in court on your arraignment date before enrolling. 
    • If you hold a commercial driver's license you are eligible for the Defensive Driving Diversion Program if you were issued a civil traffic moving violation, in a non-commercial motor vehicle.  
    • You must complete your course at least 7 days prior to your court date.  If you need an extension, you must contact the Court.

    Additional Requirements for Non Arizona Residents

    • Immediately contact an Arizona Certified Defensive Driving School
    • You may take an Internet class. You may take an Internet class.
    • You may return to Arizona for the class.
    • You can attend a class in your home state, ONLY if coordinated through an Arizona Certified School.
    • You must complete your course at least 7 days prior to your court date

    To enroll:

    • Call: 1-888-334-5565 or On Line:  http://www.azdrive.com
    • Have your ticket and a pen with you when you schedule a class.  You will need to write down your instructions for attendance as well as provide important information off of your complaint.
    • On the day of the class bring your complaint, driver’s license or state issued identification and a  money order made payable to the school you have registered with.  If any of the three items are missing you will NOT be allowed to complete the class.

    Note:  Only one moving violation will be dismissed upon completion of this school. You must appear in court if you have more than one violation.

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