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  • Internal Audit - Procedures & Training


    The Internal Audit - Procedures & Training division is responsible for examining and evaluating County activities for the Board of Supervisors and County management.  This division provides County leadership with analyses, recommendations, and information concerning the activities reviewed and assists departments with the development of policies, procedures, and trainings designed to improve service through the implementation of best practices.

    Description of Services

    Internal Audit - Procedures & Training provides services that include but are not limited to: reviewing selected activities of departments to determine whether they are efficiently and effectively carrying out their functions; determining the adequacy and effectiveness of the County's systems of internal accounting, administrative, and operating controls; reviewing, planning, designing, developing, implementing, and operation of major computer-based systems; providing follow-up reviews to ensure that recommended corrective action is taken; and developing, updating, and providing financial policies, procedures and related training.

    Program Goals and Objectives

    • To provide excellent customer service.
    • To provide accurate findings and recommendations resulting from any consultations, reviews, or audits to departmental management and County Administration.
    • To provide follow-up reviews to ensure that corrective action is taken to address all the concerns identified during previous reviews.
    • To develop and update finance-related policies, procedures, and trainings.

    This division is located at 97 E. Congress St. 3rd floor, Tucson, AZ 85701

    Staff Member                       Position                                
     Jesus Manzanedo  Division Manager
     Clint Gerber  Supervisor
     Justin Radmacher  Supervisor


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    97 E. Congress St.
    Tucson, Arizona 85701

    (520) 724-3126

    Unpaid invoices or payments received, call (520) 724-3126

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