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  • Board adopts tax levy for Fiscal Year 2022

    Aug 16, 2021 | Read More News
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    The Pima County Board of Supervisors Monday adopted the tax levies for numerous property taxes, which lowers the combined tax rate by 11 cents and is the final act of budget adoption by the Board for fiscal year 2022. State law requires counties to adopt the tax levy by the third Monday in August. The fiscal year began July 1. 

    The Board adopted the levies for the four taxes it imposes, setting the rate and the estimated funds raised. Rates are based on $100 of assessed value. 

    Tax  Rate Levy
     Primary $3.8764 $375.8 million 
     Library District  $0.5353 $51.9 million 
    Flood Control District $0.3335 $29.3 million 
    Debt Service (bonds) $0.45 $43.6 million

    The levies are part of the $2.1 billion budget the board approved in June.  While the combined tax rate is lower than the rate for last fiscal year, the total levy is slightly higher due to a 6 percent increase in overall property values. There are two components to County property taxes – a property’s assessed value set by the County Assessor, and the tax rate, which is set by the Board of Supervisors. Using formulas set by state law, rates for the different County property taxes are multiplied by the assessed value to determine the tax bill.

    The rate reduction, is the fourth year in a row the Board has reduced the overall tax rate, reducing it by 78.32 cents per $100 in assessed value since fiscal year 2018. When factoring in the increase in property values over the past four years, the cumulative year-over-year rate reductions by the board has resulted in over $205 million in property taxes avoided by County taxpayers since 2018.

    The board also approved the levies for every property taxing jurisdiction in the county. However, the board plays no role in the setting of the tax rates for these jurisdictions, rather, state law requires county boards of supervisors to adopt the levies to be collected by county Treasurers.