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  • Bond Advisory Committee Information


    No meeting scheduled at this time.

    Pima County code requires that a Bond Advisory Committee of 25 members representing each of the incorporated cities and towns, the two tribes, the Pima County Board of Supervisors, and the County Administrator oversee implementation of voter approved bond programs. The Committee and the Board meet at a public meeting at least twice a year to review and approve status reports on the bond programs and consider any substantial changes.

    Meeting Agendas, Summaries and Correspondence

    Please note that materials prior to 2004 may be provided upon request. Requests may be made via Nicole Fyffe or (520) 724-8661.


    Agendas Summaries Materials and Correspondence
    Committee Coordinators

    Nicole Fyffe,
    Pima County Administrator’s Office

    (520) 724-8661

    Deseret Romero,
    Pima County Administrator's Office

    (520) 724-8661

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