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  • Status of Bond Projects

    Pima County’s project delivery process for completing these projects has become a model adopted by other governmental agencies in Pima County, Phoenix and Texas.

    Completed Bond Programs

    • 1997 Sewer Revenue
    • 1997 General Obligation
    • 2004 Sewer Revenue
    • 2004 General Obligation
    • 2006 General Obligation (Behavioral Health Facilities)

    Substantially Completed Bond Programs

    • 2014 General Obligation (Pima Animal Care Center)

    Active Bond Programs

    • 1997 HURF (Transportation)

    2014 General Obligation Bond Program, Pima Animal Care Center - Substantially Complete

    For the latest on the constuction, see our Construction Progress page.

    Since completion of the new facility in 2017, and the opening of the second phase in 2018, Pima County has utilized the remaining bond proceeds to continue to improve the facility to support PACC’s services to the community. The largest of the improvements was converting two temporary parking areas to paved areas, since they have been highly utilized since the opening of the new facility. The larger of the parking lots has been used for free drive-through microchip events and low-cost veterinarian partnership services.

    PACC has always sought to improve access to their services in areas of Pima County farther from the west side facility, such as the City of South Tucson, eastern Tucson, and the rural areas and the numerous small towns of Pima County. A mobile adoption vehicle is being procured which will allow PACC to expand their outreach efforts and bring their animals to these areas to increase their adoptions. This will expand PACC’s visibility and presence within Pima County and help to reduce the barrier of transportation distance. The vehicle will also support PACC’s presence at community events.

    1997 General Obligation Bond Program - Substantially Complete

    In May 1997, Pima County voters approved $257 million in general obligation bonds for a variety of capital improvement projects throughout Pima County, including within cities and towns.

    Completed bond projects include:

    • A new adult detention facility, a new juvenile detention facility and court complex, and 11 Superior Court courtrooms
    • 2 new libraries, 5 new pools, 8 new community centers, 11 new or expanded regional parks, 16 neighborhood parks, 9 miles of river parks, expansion of Tucson Mountain Park and acquisition of Canoa Ranch
    • A levee along seven miles of the northern bank of the Santa Cruz River protecting a major portion of Marana
    • Expansion of the Sahuarita Landfill, closure of the Tangerine Landfill, and many other facility improvements.

    2004 General Obligation Bond Program - Substantially Complete

    In May 2004, Pima County voters approved $582.2 million in General Obligation bonds for a variety of capital improvement projects and land acquisitions throughout Pima County, including within cities, towns and tribal areas.

    Completed bond projects include:

    • A new emergency communications system used by 55 emergency service providers
    • A new public service center, public health center and interagency victim advocacy center
    • New and improved libraries, community centers, museums, parks and recreational facilities
    • Hundreds of new affordable housing units
    • Many miles of new flood control improvements
    • Hundreds of acres purchased to prevent urban encroachment on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
    • Thousands of acres purchased to serve as mitigation for future development while expanding             nature-based recreational opportunities
    • Rehabilitation of historic buildings and purchase of priority archaeological sites

    1997 HURF Revenue Bond Program

    Remaining Pima County Managed Project

    DOT-32, Kolb Road - Sabino Road to Sunrise Drive: Under construction with completion in the first half of FY 2022/23.

    Remaining City of Tucson Managed Project

    DOT-58, 22nd Street - Interstate 10 to Tucson Boulevard:  This project has multiple phases. County bond funds will be applied to the construction phase of Kino Parkway to Tucson Boulevard. Construction begins in late 2022 and bond funds will be exhausted in FY 2022/23.

    Over 700 Projects Completed since 1997

    The following links feature summaries and maps of completed projects.
    Pima County Bonds Interactive Map

    Interactive Bond Project Maps

    Completed Bond Projects From 1997, 2004 and 2006 Elections Interactive Map

    Interactive maps are supported on Internet Explorer 9 and above (download), Chrome, Firefox, Safari and the most recent tablet and smartphone devices.
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