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  • Group Home Application and Process

    What is a Group Home?

    A group home is a home that is located within a rural residential or residential zone that is licensed by the State of Arizona to accommodate more than five and up to ten minor children in addition to those minor children related to the operators in residence by blood or adoption; or a licensed home suitable for accommodating more than five, up to ten persons who require special care for physical or mental reasons.

    A group home requires a Certificate of Occupancy issued by Building and Site Development.

    Where do I obtain a State License for a Group Home?

    The State will issue a license for a group home.  The license will specifically be for a group home and is typically issued through Arizona Department of Child Safety or Arizona Department of Economic Security.  To help in understanding what is allowed as a group home, see the Interpretation regarding the Pima County Zoning Code Provisions for Group Homes.

    Now that I know what a Group Home is, how do I apply?

    1.  Prepare and provide the following documents for electronic submittal OR  applications may be 
         submitted in person:

    2.  Submit your electronic documents Buildingpermit@pima.gov OR  bring your application to the 1st floor Building and Site Development Division.

    3.  Pay the fee in accordance with Fee Table 3, items 2 and 35. For 
         electronic submittal, a record will be opened and an email containing an invoice with the 
         record number for making payment through the online payment portal will be sent to the applicant.

    Will my application be approved?

      For information and compliance with Arizona Revised Statutes, see Prohibited Acts by Counties

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