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  • Protest Letter Guidelines and Super Majority Calculations

    Pima County will determine super majority protest calculations based upon the following:

    1. Protest letters or emails should be clear to an unbiased third party reader that the property owner is protesting a rezoning.  The word "protest" or "object" should be included in the content of the letter.  Words similar to "dislike" or "do not agree with, or do not support" are not considered a protest.
    2. Letters or emails must match the Assessor's current ownership.  If the Assessor's record does not match the electronic or written signature, a copy of the deed must be included with the correspondence.  Additional information, property address, parcel number, rezoning case number, peak or ridge number and telephone number would be helpful.
    3. For joint tenancy and community property with right of survivorship, one owner providing an electronic or written signature is sufficient.
    4. For joint tenancy and common ownership without right of survivorship, both electronic or written signatures are required.
    5. For numbered trusts, i.e., Fidelity National Trust #1234, the name of the Trust Officer shall be included with an electronic or written signature and a list of the beneficiaries of the trust is required.
    6. For names trusts, i.e., Mary Brown Trust, an electronic or written signature of Mary Brown is required.
    7. For companies, an electronic or written signature with his/her title, accompanied by a list of company officers is required.
    8. For corporations, an electronic or written signature with his/her title, and a copy from the Corporation Commission listing the corporate officers is required.
    9. For LLC's/LLP's, an electronic or written signature of a member, or of a manager and a list of all members of the LLC/LLP is required.
    10. For properties represented by a consultant or individual other than the property owner, a letter from the property owner, with an electronic or written signature, authorizing representation is required.
    11. For properties represented by attorneys, the attorney's letter must state that they have authority of the property owner to represent them and include the property owner's name or parcel tax code number.



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