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  • Outstanding Sustainability Program 2020 Award

    Oct 02, 2020 | Read More News
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    AZ Water Award

    The AZ Water Association, American Water Works Association- Arizona Section, and the Water Environment Federation honored RWRD with the Outstanding Sustainability Award for the Pima County Sustainable Action Plan for County Operations 2018-2025 Program. The Outstanding Sustainability Award recognizes projects or programs, which drive sustainable practices within the Arizona water and wastewater industry related to energy efficiency and water conservation.

    The Pima County Sustainable Action Plan for County Operations 2018-2025 Program is a collaborative and cross-departmental effort that addresses the climate challenges of today. This multi-faceted initiative covers five different sustainability focus areas: carbon, water, landscapes, materials, and workforce that aims to achieve a set of climate mitigation and adaptation targets for Pima County operations. RWRD’s contributions toward the program include the recovery of 46.2 million cubic feet of biogas, which was used at the Tres Ríos WRF boilers, meeting 4.3% of the power needed to run our WRFs from on-site energy, and producing 5,788 tons of biosolid fertilizer, which was applied at local farms until operations ceased in January 2020. RWRD also recycled 58 million gallons per day of the community wastewater and reduced vehicle idling by 30,976 hours. The Outstanding Sustainability Award highlights RWRD’s ongoing efforts to improve sustainability through energy and water conservation and sustainable management practices for a healthier Pima County.