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  • Secondary Dwelling Application & Process

    What is a Secondary Dwelling?

    A secondary dwelling is a 3-year temporary permit for a property owner to place a second, manufactured home on a property in the GR-1 or RH zones for the use of an  ill, handicapped, or elderly person in need of special care or supervision or for a care provider to the ill, handicapped or elderly person residing in the main dwelling; or a relative of the owner or resident of the main dwelling.  The 3-year temporary permit may be renewed if the conditions of the permit remain the same.

    A secondary dwelling shares the same access as the main dwelling and meets the minimum setbacks for the zone in which it is located.

    How do I apply for a Secondary Dwelling permit?

          1.  Prepare and provide the following documents for electronic submittal OR  applications may be submitted
               in person:
    • Fill out the Secondary Dwelling application
    • Record the Secondary Dwelling covenant and attach a copy of the recorded covenant (contact the Recorder's Office more more information on recording documents)
    • Provide a Letter of Authorization if you are representing the property owner
    • Include a Site Plan showing existing and proposed buildings and structures, driveways, parking, and distances from buildings and structures to property lines and to other buildings and structures.
    • Provide a signed statement from a physician that special care or supervision if required for the ill, handicapped or elderly relative.

          2.  Submit your electronic documents to DSDPlanning@pima.gov OR  bring your application 1st floor  
               Planning Division.

          3.  Pay the fee in accordance with Table 3 – Building and Zoning Permit fees, items 2 and 34.  For
               electronic submittals, a record will be opened and an email containing an invoice with the record number
               for making payment through the online payment portal will be sent to the applicant. 

    What is the process for obtaining a Secondary Dwelling use permit?

    Staff will send out written notice to all property owners within 300 feet of the subject property with a 15-day protest period for a notified property owner to object; however, before you apply, staff suggests that you contact your neighbors that are within 300 feet of your property to let them know that you are applying to have a second dwelling placed on your property for the uses listed above.  It helps the notification process to go smoothly if your neighbors understand what you are applying for.  When contacting your neighbors, show them a copy of the proposed site plan to see if they have an objection to the location of secondary dwelling and if so, perhaps you could discuss the relocation of the second unit to satisfy the effected parties prior to your application submittal and County staff notification.   

    If no objection to the secondary dwelling is received, staff can issue the permit.  If an objection is received, the case will be scheduled to be heard by the Board of Adjustment for the district that the property resides in.

    If approved, apply for a manufactured home permit

    How do I apply for a  Secondary Dwelling Renewal?

    For information and compliance with Arizona Revised Statutes, see Prohibited Acts by Counties            

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