Home Occupations

Administrative Review Submittal Requirements

Note: Bolded items are required for Administrative Completeness determination when applicable to project.


  • Home Occupations are allowed with certain conditions that protect neighboring properties from adverse affect.  The standards listed in  the Pima County Zoning Code Section 18.09.030 must be met.

Size Limitation

  • Not more than 25% of the floor area of one floor of the residence.
  • Not more than 200 square feet of an accessory building (the area of the use of the accessory building may not exceed 200 square feet. The actual size of the accessory building may be larger).
  • See 18.09.030 for occupations not allowed

What is required for submittal of a Home Occupation Permit Request? 

  • Floor plan or Site Plan
    • When the Home Occupation is in the residence: a complete PDF file of floor plan must be submitted. Floor plan shall include square footage of residence and the square footage of the home occupation area. 
    • When the Home Occupation is in an accessory structure:  a PDF file of site plan must be submitted; show all existing buildings and structures, access drives, parking, and distances from buildings and structures to property lines. 
    • Site plan example
  • Completed application, including:
    • Signature of applicant property owner
    • Brief description of the home occupation use and describe how it meets the home occupation standards in 18.09.030
  • A letter of authorization if the property owner is represented by an agent


  • The applicant submits the application and all required information to Development Services.   Process notice is also available.


  • Upon staff approval, the permit shall be issued and sent to the applicant. The applicant shall sign the permit and keep it for their records. The permit is only valid for the listed property. There is no renewal.
  • If the permit cannot be approved, the applicant shall be notified in writing as to the reason for denial.

Additions or Remodels

  • If there will be remodeling or an addition associated with the home occupation, then a permit for this work is required.  The work must be shown on the Floor Plan and Site Plan. 
  • See submital requirements for additions
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