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  • Using PimaMaps to Locate Site Information

    PimaMaps is a geographical information system (GIS) which may be used to locate a number of site related information including but not limited to:
    • Zoning
    • Permits
    • Plats
    • Outdoor lighting areas
    • Fire district areas
    • Topographical grades
    • Floodplains
    • Wastewater infrastructure
    • Aerial photography

    Link to site

    County GIS main page

    PimaMaps Tips

    Searching for a location by address

    To search for an owner, address, intersection, or parcel use the Search box in the upper right corner of the window.

    • When performing a search avoid using any punctuation.
    • A list of results will appear on the left side of the window in a Search Results tab.
    • Click on the address and the map will zoom to the location and mark it with a pin.

    Moving around in the map

    To move around in the map, click the screw driver and wrench icon on the upper right corner of the window. This will expand the tools menu. 

    Using the legend

    • Layers to be displayed on the map may be activated by checking the boxes on the left of the map view.
    • Certain layers may not display in the legend until you zoom into the map
    • Layers are organized alphabetically by points, lines, polygons and finally imagery features
    • Layers higher in the list may obstruct layers further down
    • If you cannot identify the layer features you wish, unselect the “Parcels” box at the top of screen and hover the cursor on the target area.

    Displaying parcel information

    Clicking on any parcel will bring up a parcel card, click "More Information" to access the parcel page containing links to information such as:
    • Assessor information
    • Subdivision plat
    • Building permits
    • Imagery
    • Pima County zoning designation (with link to the appropriate Zoning Code section)

    Navigating PimaMaps

    For full PimaMaps functionality, see the Quick Start Guide.

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