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  • Addressing Process for Plats and Commercial Developments

    Please note that effective July 1, 2013 the following process shall apply to the addressing of subdivision plats and commercial developments within the municipalities of Pima County, with the exception of the Town of Marana:

    1. Subdivision Plats within unincorporated Pima County are addressed as part of the final plat approval process, see process for subdivision platting.  Subdivision plats within incorporated areas shall be Recorded prior to submitting for addressing.

    2. Applicant shall prepare an electronic package consisting of the following files:

    • A PDF of the development plan or Recorded subdivision plat to be addressed
    • A DWG file including layers for: the development project boundary; Boundary Survey corner ties; Parcel/Lot boundaries (if applicable); and building footprints
    • A DWG file of each floor of the building(s) if applicant is seeking occupant identifiers (suite numbers, apartment numbers, etc.)

    3. Applicant shall email electronic files to CADsubmittals@pima.gov.

    4. Pima County GIS group shall post the PDF files, geo-reference the DWG files and notify Pima County Development Services at addressing@pima.gov when the files are available within the GIS environment for address assignment.

    5. Upon receipt of notification from the GIS group, Development Services shall contact and inform the applicant of the addressing fee amount in accordance with fee schedule.  Applicant shall arrange for payment.

    6. Upon receipt of payment, Development Services shall review submittal and if no addressing issues exist, issue addresses. If project contains addressing related issues, applicant shall be notified of any items requiring attention prior to address assignment. All assigned addresses and streets shall appear in County GIS maps and within the County official address and street reports. Drafting on plats and development plans shall be discontinued as these will be available directly within the GIS layers of the instruments and on associated building floor plan layers for occupant identifiers.

    Commercial Developments within the unincorporated County may be addressed simultaneously with the review/approval of the development instrument if the files identified in item (2) above are included with the project application submittal. If not included with the project submittal, addresses may be sought post-project approval in accordance with this document.
    Estimated turn-around time for the above addressing services are five days for the GIS group to geo-reference the files and five days for Development Services to issue the addresses for a total estimated timeframe of 10 business days. Addressing related questions should be directed to addressing@pima.gov.

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