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  • Official Address Guide for Pima County, Arizona


    The Official Address Guide should be looked on as a guide for determining whether a street address is “correct”, with all parts of the address conforming to the standards and limits described herein.
    All address information is entered in uppercase into the addressing database.

    Valid Street Number Ranges

    Street numbers in Pima County are all numeric and can range from one to any five-digit number. Additions to street numbers, such as “1/2 or A” are no longer allowed as part of new street number assignments.

    Valid Street Directions

    Street directions are limited to “N” “E” “W” and “S”. The street direction portion of an address is not optional. All streets in Pima County require that the street direction be specified in order to uniquely identify a given address. In some cases, a spelled out direction is also part of the street address such as E SOUTH WILSHIRE DR.

    Valid Street Names

    Valid street names are reviewed, approved, and recorded through the platting process of a subdivision or on an individual request basis.
    Numbered streets will be represented by ordinal numbers, with no leading zeros, that have ST, ND, RD, or TH appended (e.g., 1ST, 22ND, 43RD, and 55TH). Numbers are not spelled out as words.
    Spanish equivalents to street types (e.g. CALLE, CAMINO, VISTA) are considered part of the street name. This means that all Spanish street names are entered with a prefix.
    As per Pima County Code 18.83.040(D)(7), street names shall be limited to sixteen characters and spaces in length.
    Please refer to 18.83.040.D for additional street name criteria.

    Valid Street Types

    Pima County standardizes street types using a two-character letter designation. The following two-
    character letter designations comprise all the Valid Street Types.
    Avenue - AV
    Lane - LN
    Stravenue - SV
    Boulevard - BL
    Loop - LP
    Street - ST
    Circle - CI
    Place - PL
    Terrace - TE
    Court - CT
    Parkway - PW
    Trail - TR
    Drive - DR
    Road - RD
    Way - WY
    Highway - HY
    Square - SQ

    Examples Showing Valid Address Numbers, Directions, Names and Types

    4801 N Territory Av
    2502 E 22ND ST
    5461 W Idle Hour Pl
    9327 E Old Spanish Tr
    8335 E Synder Rd
    8320 E South Marlena Ci

    Spanish Examples

    7175 S Avenida Sombra
    2115 W Calle Cuisco
    3925 N Vista De La Cima
    4830 N Paseo Sonoyta

    Valid Jurisdiction Identifiers

    Tucson - TUC
    Marana - MAR
    Pima County - PC
    South Tucson - STUC
    Sahuarita - SAH
    Ajo - (Within Pima County)
    Oro Valley - OV

    Valid Methods for Handling Supplementary Addresses and Units

    Address designators for apartments, trailer spaces, numbered dwelling units, and other supplementary address components will be placed behind a pound sign (#) in a separate field from the street name, if possible, or appended to the full street address with a separating space.
    Examples Showing Valid Addresses with Supplementary Addresses or Units:
    1719 N Huachuca #4102
    9100 E Tanque Verde #125
    1475 N Wilmot Rd #15

    Valid Property Addresses

    A property address is a unique address assigned to a parcel or building by Pima County Development Services. The address is assigned based upon the official street name and location that is used for vehicular access.


    There are some exceptions to these addressing standards that fall within the City of Tucson historic districts, large apartment buildings, and commercial developments. When possible, these problem areas are reviewed for possible correction and address changes are issued under the approval of the owners and governing jurisdiction.

    Official Address & Street Name Changes

    A request for an official address and street name change requires owner notification and 51% approval by affected owners. The change is then processed through the appropriate jurisdiction and its governing body before becoming official.

    New Street Segments and Corrections

    New street segments or easements aligning with existing streets shall assume the same name, unless deemed to be an unreasonable alignment (e.g., may cause emergency delays due to natural or manmade barriers). Streets with multiple names, spellings, incorrect directions, or problems may require correction and official change.

    Exceptions for Address Conforming to the Official Address Guide When Processed by Commercial Address Formatting Software.

    It is expected that if this address guide is followed and a comparison is made between an existing address file that conforms to the Official Address Guide that a high match rate would be obtained by the Commercial Address Software. Users of County address data may need to create suitable look-up tables for street types and perform an initial scrub on the existing address table, prior to address matching. Some parsing or concatenation of data fields may also be needed.

    Expectations for Addresses Conforming to the Official Address Guide when Processed with Geocode tables from Pima County’s GIS Database.

    It is expected that if the user were to perform address matching against a Geocoded version of the Official Address Guide tables a high address match rate would be achieved. Geocode Address tables and ArcView templates are available though the Pima County’s Central GIS database.

    Available Address Tables

    Development Services maintains valid address tables in an ASCII text format and makes them available to users of GIS data through Pima County’s Central GIS Database. These tables contain Valid Street Names, Types, Directions, Valid Addresses, Jurisdictions, and Supplemental Units.

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