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  • Addressing Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I obtain proof that my address is valid?

    Addresses may be validated online through our query portal. This is the only means for individuals or institutions to validate addresses since Pima County has discontinued the issuance of address certificates on May 24, 2010.

    What do I need to obtain an address?

    The following documents are required to obtain an address:
    a. Tax Code (parcel code)
    b. Copy of recorded deed
    c. Site plan

    *There are some instances where additional information is required.
    For detailed information, please see the “New Address Request/Address Change Request” document.

    How do I split property?

    In order to obtain addresses on split property you will need to provide a recorded deed with the legal description of the parcel. A recorded survey, legal description, deed of trust or release of a deed of trust will not suffice. In Pima County, lot split approval from the Minor Land Division may be required if the parcel is residential, under 10 acres and not in a recorded subdivision. The number for Minor Land Division is 520-724-9512.

    How much does it cost to obtain an address?

    New fees for addressing services have been adopted effective July 1, 2010. Please see our web site for a current fee schedule.

    How do I receive a new tax parcel for property that has been split?

    The Pima County Assessor assigns all tax codes. It usually takes 4 months or more to obtain one. This will not hold up the addressing of any parcel.

    How do I obtain a zip code?

    You can contact the Post Office at 1-800-275-8777 to find out what your zip code is.

    Can I name the easement I live on and what is the process?

    An adjacent property owner may request establishment of a street name for an unnamed easement/street. The request should include a petition signed by 51% of the adjacent/affected property owners approving of the proposed street name. The proposed name should be pre-approved by Development Services staff. All adjacent property owners will be notified of the “Intent to Name.” Please see the “Naming a Street” document on our web site for additional information.
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