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  • Transparency and Openness in Government

    Pima County is committed to helping its constituents obtain the information they need to be able to fully participate in their government.

    At the beginning of 2013, Pima County received an A-minus, the highest transparency score issued for counties in the state of Arizona, with the exception of Pinal County, under an open government measurement.

    This page will serve as a roadmap to help constituents pinpoint the information they need.


    The most recent budget is available through a link that is prominently displayed on the home page of the County website. Not only is the current fiscal year available, but visitors may also peruse copies of the recommended and adopted budgets for the past 10 years.

    Property Taxes

    Local property taxes make up about one-third of Pima County's sources of funding. Interested in more information? Learn more about taxes.

    Comprehensive Audited Financial Reports

    While the budget outlines a prospective blueprint for moving forward for the upcoming fiscal year, the annual financial reports show how close Pima County came to those projections and what the actual spending was from the previous budget period. All of these reports, dating to 1997, are available on this page under "Audited Financial".

    Detailed transactions

    Want to know how much Pima County spends on jail food in a year? How much Juvenile Court collects in diversion fees? Or how much the Elections Department spends on natural gas utility payments? It’s all online through OpenBooks, Arizona’s official transparency web site, which serves as a single point of reference for citizens to view information about the financial activities.

    Debt reports

    Want to know about Pima County’s debt management progress and policies? Pima County’s annual debt reports are available, covering the four major kinds of debt, including general obligation, street and highways, sewer revenue and certificates of participation. In addition, visit the complete transcripts of all debt issues.

    Audited reports

    In addition to the annual county-wide financial report, the County posts all the audit reports covering Pima County’s enterprise funds, including development services and wastewater reclamation, as well as the Stadium District, the self-insurance trust fund and all federal and state grants. See financial reports.

    Bond information

    Voters have authorized Pima County to sell bonds to pay for capital improvements. The implementation plans for those bond programs are available online, as are any amendments to the projects. Any amendments must go through a public vetting by the Bond Advisory Committee and must be approved in a public meeting by the Board of Supervisors. Get all the background about bonds.


    See who gets contracts, for what and for how much on our procurement pages.

    Contact information

    Phone numbers and feedback forms for the Board of Supervisors, the County Administrator and County departments are prominently displayed on the website. Feedback forms may be found on the gray, right hand side column.

    Open meeting laws

    Information is available to let citizens know their rights in monitoring and providing oversight of their government.

    County Administrator memoranda

    The County Administrator’s memoranda are posted online for those seeking detailed information about County operations.

    Board agenda items

    To assist the public in getting a full understanding of the items before the Board, the Board agendas are posted online. Full background information on each item is available with the click of a button.

    Board meetings

    There are several ways that constituents can have access to Board action in its entirety. Those who are interested in watching the live proceedings of Board of Supervisors meetings may tune in to Cox channel 96, and Comcast channel 96. 

    For those watching online, the live link is available under “Meetings & Resource” on the Board of Supervisors website.

    Those who cannot tune in to live broadcasts still have access to current video and audio recordings of recent Board meetings for a 90-day period. After that 90-day period, video and audio recordings will then be archived.

    Minimum Requirements and Troubleshooting: Please visit the Granicus help site for the minimum system requirements for watching the video. If you are having trouble viewing, please visit the Granicus troubleshooting site

    At that point, there are many ways to access archived Board meetings.

    A DVD of each Board meeting from the last three months is available at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library. Those materials can be reserved and sent to other library locations that are geographically more convenient to patrons throughout the County.

    If those options are not convenient for constituents, they may call the Clerk of the Board (724-8449) and have a DVD sent to them of the full Board meeting.

    Because the County is authorized to recover costs for the release of public data, we have historically charged a nominal fee of $5 to produce and mail the DVD. Financial need, however, should never stand in the way of public information, so that fee is waived if the person making the request cannot afford the fee.

    Archived Meeting Minutes, Ordinances, Resolutions and Reports

    Use this search portal to access to Board of Supervisors’ Meeting Minutes, Ordinances and Resolutions utilizing the Countywide Document Management System.   

    You can search for:
    It contains the following and will be updated as documents are approved/adopted:
    • Approved Board of Supervisors/Other Board Meeting Minutes: 1950 - present
    • Adopted Ordinances: 1940 - present
    • Adopted Resolutions: 1955 - present
    • Reports/Plans (as adopted in the minutes): 2006 - present

    Two query options are available and Search Help Guides are included to assist in navigation and to provide valuable tips for finding specific information.

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