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  • Real Property Services (Real Estate)

    About Us:Public Works

    Real Property Services directs and administers the real property function for Pima County departments and the Regional Flood Control District (the “District”), other than management of County owned and operated facilities which are the responsibility of Facilities Management. The following services are provided:

    Areas of Responsibility

    • Appraisal of property for acquisition, sale, abandonment, leasing, or licensing of County and District property;
    • Acquisition of real property, including relocation of owners and tenants, and prosecuting condemnation actions when necessary;
    • Property management, including leasing and maintenance of County and District owned property, including residential leases, park operating agreements, and caretaker agreements;
    • Licensing the use of rights-of-way;
    • Grant and release of easements over County and District property to utilities and other applicants;
    • Leasing of land and licensing of property, including towers, for telecommunications services;
    • Granting rights of entry onto County and District property;
    • Sale of surplus real property;
    • Obtaining treasurer’s deeds and selling property that has been assigned to the State for nonpayment of property taxes;
    • Researching title and other property issues;
    • Respond to public record requests; and
    • Meeting Pima County's capital schedule and budget requirements for real property acquisitions and other property management services

    Please see our Services Directory to contact each area of responsibility.

    Requests for Proposal:

    When available, requests for proposal offered by Pima County Real Property Services will be listed below. 

    About Licenses:

    In the Real Property Services Division, Licenses are used to maintain encroachments along Pima County owned roads and other subsequent parcels. For Example, if an entrance wall of a Homeowner's Association were to encroach a Pima County owned road, the owner or developer would need to submit a License Application along with its subsequent fee.

    If a requested License for Encroachment includes Landscaping of any kind, please refer to Pima County Department of Transportation's Landscape Manual

    If a License already exists within our department and it has expired, the responsible party for the encroachment would need to submit a License Renewal Application along with its subsequent fee. 

    The above mentioned forms are provided below:

    License Forms:


    Treasurer's Deed Sales:

    Below is a list of parcels to which the Pima County Treasurer's Office has issued a Treasurer's Deed, and are available for purchase through auction. For further information please contact Jeff Teplitsky

    None at this time. 

    Internal Auction Notice: Auction to take place on Friday, March 3rd, 2023, at 9:00am in the office of Real Property Services. For more information on the sale, please refer to the spreadsheet below. For contact Information, please Contact Aaron Mergenthal at Aaron.Mergenthal@pima.gov

    TS-0065 and TS-0068 Territorial Posting 01 30 23.xlsx

    Properties for Lease:

    The following properties are vacant, and ready for tenants! If you are interested in learning more about the rental process, please refer to the contacts listed in the Service Directory tab, under "Property Management".

    Vacant Property


    Our office works closely with constituents of Pima County, utility companies, engineering and development companies, along with other departments within the county on certain requests for conveyance of “Right of Way”. Frequently, these requests for conveyance are related to Easements or Public Roadways. Listed below are the three (3) application forms used in our office to properly convey “Right of Way”: 

    Each form has a separate purpose and fee schedule. For further details, contact our office.

    Acquisition Section:

    Acquires properties on behalf of Pima County for roads, sewers, parks, flood control projects, and governmental centers. Prepares right-of-way deeds, easements, and other legal documents. Provides relocation services to persons affected by property acquisitions. Manages, leases, sells, and maintains an inventory of County-owned properties. Administers properties deeded to the State of Arizona for delinquent taxes.


    Surplus Property

    Property for sale:

    When there are properties for sale, and you are interested in purchasing either of the properties, the bidding process, or assistance with any of the forms listed below, please contact our office.


    Lic-0287 (Crown Castle) Public Notice of Amendment 2-10-2023.pdf

    Lic-0287 (Crown Castle) Copy of 4th Amendment for Publication 2-10-2023.pdf

    Leased Properties for Sale: 

    There are none at this time; more to come....

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    Real Property Services

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