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RWRD's Two Largest Facilities Are Given New Names

Sep 10, 2013 | Read More News
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With the recent and ongoing upgrade and expansion of the Ina Road Tres RiosWastewater Reclamation Facility (WRF) and with the nearing completion of the facility to replace the Roger Road WRF, RWRD is ushering into a new era. Soon, all effluent discharges into the Santa Cruz River will be aligned with A+ classification standards.

Both facilities will have new names that reflect our southwestern heritage. The new name for the existing Ina Road WRF reflects our local geography and regional rivers. The second name reflects RWRD’s role in providing our community with a sustainable high-quality water supply.

Beginning immediately, the Ina Road WRF is now the Tres Rios Water Reclamation Facility.

Tres Rios represents the confluence of three water bodies near the facility:

  • The Santa Cruz River which receives the effluent discharges from the Tres Rios facility;
  • The Rillito River which merges with the Santa Cruz River just south of the Tres Rios facility; and
  • The Cañada del Oro which merges with the Santa Cruz River just north of confluence of Santa Cruz River and Rillito River.

Agua NuevaOnce the existing Roger Road WRF is decommissioned, the name Roger Road WRF will be retired. The new facility that is being constructed adjacent to the old plant will carry the new name Agua Nueva Water Reclamation Facility.

Agua Nueva means “New Water” in Spanish. With the great improvement in the quality of the reclaimed water we produce, RWRD is in effect introducing “new water” to the community. This water will be able to be used in many new ways. In fact, the only application it will not be suitable for is human consumption. Agua Nueva is named in part after the NEWater facility located in Singapore. With extremely limited supplies of potable water, Singapore constructed a facility that treats wastewater to drinking water quality and delivers it to its residents and businesses. This concept has been widely embraced by Singapore’s citizens. Although there are no plans to turn RWRD’s reclaimed water into drinking water, the department was inspired by the success of Singapore’s experience in meeting the growing water needs of its residents and businesses.

Water Reclamation Facility signifies that the upgrades being constructed will result in a high quality reclaimed water product. In a desert community, there is no room to “waste” water and in such a community, no water source should be thought of as “waste.” The improved product that will be generated from the Tres Rios and Agua Nueva facilities will allow for increased applications and uses of this water resource that will help to conserve potable water resources in our desert community.