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  • Pima Animal Care Center to close last Sunday of every month for deep cleaning

    Sep 19, 2013 | Read More News
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    When a facility cares for more than 24,000 animals a year, sometimes it just needs an extra-careful scrubbing to clean out all the nooks and crannies. none

    To make sure our pets stay as healthy as possible, Pima Animal Care Center will be closing the last Sunday of every month for a thorough scouring.

    That means the facility will be closed to the public on the following dates in 2013:

    • September 29
    • October 27
    • November 24
    • December 29

    Our adoption center already takes proactive steps to make sure we reduce the transmission of illness in the shelter, particularly with kennel cough, which is an upper-respiratory “cold” that pets can sometimes get. Every pet that is quarantined receives a vaccine upon impound to provide as much protection as possible against viral and bacterial infections that can result in respiratory infections. Of course, like any vaccine, it is not immediately effective and can take up to seven days to provide protection.

    To cut down on the transmission of illness, we also complete a 3-step sanitation procedure twice a day in the kennels. Air handlers recycle all of the air from the shelter every 10 minutes. We ask that guests to our facility use hand sanitizer between visits to make sure that illnesses aren’t spread through the shelter. And when pets do show symptoms of respiratory infection, they are isolated and treated to the degree feasible.

    “Ultimately, it’s all about the animals and we thank the public for its support of our staff’s efforts to make sure we adhere to scrupulous cleanliness standards,” said Kim Janes, manager of Pima Animal Care Center. “And while we’re closed the last Sunday of the month, that still means we’re here 29 other days in September with great adoption specials and even better pets.”