Species Protection

Pima County is blessed with some of the highest diversity of plants and animals in the continental United States, but this amazing diversity has increasingly been threatened by land-use impacts. Though experts had warned of (and documented) declines of a number of species, it was the listing of the cactus ferruginous pygmy owl as an Endangered species in 1997 that put a spotlight on the impacts that development can have on a species.  The Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan (SDCP) had its roots in the owl’s listing and though many other elements of the SDCP focused on a suite of environmental and cultural resources, species protection remains a focus of County actions and activities every day.

Pima County has adopted a variety of approaches to species conservation such as the acquisition and management of open space and implementation of ordinances related to floodplain protection, native plant protection, and invasive species control.  Yet the most significant of the County’s commitments to native species conservation is the Multi-species Conservation Plan (MSCP). The MSCP is the County’s plan for protecting individuals and habitat of Federally listed Threatened and Endangered Species.
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