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  • Employees Care About Pima County (ECAP)

    ECAP 50th Logo

    Join the Golden Anniversary Effort

    The 50th annual ECAP campaign kicks-off September 18 at the Kino Sports Complex Event Center, 2805 E. Ajo Way. Come meet representatives of dozens of local social service agencies covered under ECAP and find a cause you care about.  Last year, ECAP raised nearly $320,000 - a more than eight percent increase from the year before. In all 1,280 employees chose to make donations, either through one-time gifts or payroll deductions, an average of $250 per staff member.

    Ending Poverty Now

    Poverty is a serious issue for our community. That’s why Pima County and United Way are partnering with community organizations to help break the cycle of poverty so families can get ahead instead of just “getting by.” 

    Each year, Pima County’s Ending Poverty Now initiative works with area organizations that are using the Getting Ahead in a Just Getting’ by World curriculum and working together to help our neighbors improve their lives.

    Pima County’s Ending Poverty Now initiative is building a community network of agencies using the class, which supports people in poverty to examine their lives in new ways, build resources and community connections for greater stability, and consider ways to they can make a difference. Many participants describe the class as “life-changing.”

    Another thing: by giving to the Ending Poverty Now Fund, you can receive a tax credit from the state of Arizona2. For more information, contact Bonnie Bazata by email or phone, 520-724-3704.

    Ending Poverty Now Partner Agencies

    Spread the Love

    Employees who have a favorite charity not currently designated as an ECAP recipient can request to add qualifying 501c3 organizations by submitting an application and returning a petition with at least 25 signatures from County employees ahead of the 2019-2020 campaign launch.

    ECAP Information

    ECAP Steering Committee

    The organizing body of the ECAP program sets the direction of the appeal program, promotes its activities and administers and manages the annual employee participation drive in coordination with the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona. Members come from nearly a dozen County departments large and small. Pima County's Combined Appeal is the largest and most generous program of its kind in Southern Arizona.

    Ray Velez, Chair
    Finance and Risk Management
    Phone: 520-724-4489
    Email: Ray.Velez@Pima.Gov 
                                                                           Ray Velez

    Margo Chavez                                                                   Margo Chavez, Co-Vice-Chair
     Public Defense Services
     Phone: 520-724-9169
     Email: Margo.Chavez@Pima.Gov 

    Joanna Dinan, Co-Vice Chair
    Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation
    Phone: 520-724-5363
    Email: Joanna.Dinan@Pima.Gov
                                                      Joanna Dinan

    Judy Moses
                                                                                        Judy Moses, Secretary
    Public Library

    Andrea Altamirano, Health

    Kassandra Baltazar, Health

                                           Bonnie Bazata  Bonnie Bazata
     Community Services, Employment and Training

    Nicole Burdette. PCWIN
    Terrance Cheung, Criminal Justice Reform

    Judy Cooper, Procurement
    Daniel Davis
    Clerk of the Board
                                                                                                Daniel Davis

    Monica DeLaCruz
                                                                                                  Monica DeLaCruz
    Regional Wastewater Reclamation

    Barbara Denny
    Environmental Quality
                                                                                         Barbara Denny

    Evelyn Gonzales, Fleet Services

    Magda Murtey, Transportation
    Monica Lewis-Robin
                                                                                       Monica Lewis-Robinson

    Linda Volkerink
    Information Technology
                                                                                      Linda Volkerink

    Charlotte Watts
                                                                                                     Charlotte Watts
    Kino Sports Complex

    ECAP Photos

    File: ECAP Kickoff File: ECAP Kickoff
    Employees attend the ECAP Kickoff. PCSD's Color Guard begins the Kickoff.
    File: Tony Penn at ECAP Kickoff File: ECAP Kickoff
    United Way CEO Tony Penn speaks at the Kickoff. Find nonprofits you support at the Kickoff.
    File: Jan Lesher at ECAP Kickoff File: ECAP Luncheon
    DCA Jan Lesher speaks at the Kickoff. Presenting the "Big Check" at the awards luncheon.
    File: ECAP Luncheon File: ECAP Luncheon
    Departmental Awards and drawing prizes. Department reps attend the awards luncheon.

    Community Impact

    United Way Donations Helped Seniors Remain Healthy and Active

    • Enabled 8,273 vulnerable seniors to remain at home with supportive services
    • Supported seniors and families through 155,997 hours of needed service from  4,725 active senior volunteers
    • Mobilized four communities to engage more than 3,360 seniors to solve local community problems and affect policy and program changes
    Donations Plus Leveraged Dollars = $3,250,234
    Every $1 Donated = $4.37 in additional support for seniors 

    United Way Donations Helped Young Children Prepare for School and Life

    • Promoted learning for 9,986 children in child care settings striving to improve quality and increase school readiness
    • Gave 76,704 books to 43,450 families with tips for reading to their child at home to promote early literacy skills
    • Guided 4,924 high risk families in the community or at home to increase positive parenting skills and prevent child abuse
    • Educated 5,064 early childhood teachers on best practice early education to increase child readiness for school and life
    Donations Plus Leveraged Dollars = $8,730,376
    Every $1 Donated = $12.04 in other Early Education Support

    United Way Donations Helped Youth Prepare for College, Work and Life 

    • Engaged 10,913 youth in quality after-school programs
    • Developed new skills and competencies of 3,314 youth to better prepare for college, work or life
    • Increased nutrition awareness and physical activity for 1,892 children and youth
    Donations Plus Leveraged Dollars = $1,195,928
    Every $1 Donated = $1.65 in additional support for Youth

    United Way Donations Helped Families be Financially Stable 

    • Prepared 14,551 income tax returns for families with 457 volunteers in 10 Arizona counties
    • Brought in $21.7 million in tax refunds to help family finances and fuel the local economy
    • Helped 5,635 families become more financially stable and meet their basic needs
    Donations Plus Leveraged Dollars = $1,452,256
    Every $1 Donated = $2.00 in other Family Financial Stability support

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    Employees Care About Pima County

    130 W. Congress St.
    Tucson, AZ 85701

    Ray Velez - Chair
    Phone: 520-724-4489

    Margo Chavez - Co-Vice Chair
    Phone: 520-724-9169

    Joanna Dinan - Co-Vice Chair
    Phone: 520-724-5363
    Email: Joanna.Dinan@Pima.Gov

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