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  • Employees Care About Pima County (ECAP)

    51st Annual Campaign Effort a Success!

    The 51st annual ECAP Campaign raised $282,201, part of an effort that outgoing CHH videoChair Ray Velez called "an unqualified success, given all of the COVID-19 issues we faced."

    That's why we now want to thank all who contributed, especially those award-winning departments who went above and beyond to make our campaign a success. And a big hat tip to our Solicitors and Coordinators who always work hard to make our campaigns a success. (We have some "swag" for our Solicitors and Coordinators. Please email Judy Cooper to make arrangements to pick up your special thank you gift.)

    County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry, in this video message, noted what a challenging year this has been, but thanked employees for "providing the assistance that is so vital to our community."

    United Way CEO Tony Penn echoed those comments in his video thank you to Pima County.

    Tony PennA big thanks to our top three Gold Medal departments: County Administration, Regional Flood Control District and Pima County Public Library. See the full list of award winners below.

    Ending Poverty Now

    The 2020 ECAP campaign raised $20,859 for a program near and dear to a lot of folks: Ending Poverty Now. The Ending Poverty Now fund goes to support organizations in our community that are using an effective curriculum called Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World to help break the cycle of poverty. Read more by clicking on the Ending Poverty Now tab, below.

    With thanks

    The ECAP campaign wouldn't be possible without the generosity of County employees. Many of you not only made donations, but you also hosted fundraisers, contests and found other creative ways to generate interest and funds for the most needy in our community. Thank you!

    ECAP Information

    A Thank You from the United Way

    Tony Penn

    County Administrator's Video Message

    County Administrator's message



    ECAP Video

    ECAP Steering Committee

    The organizing body of the Employees Care About Pima County (ECAP) program sets the direction of the appeal program, promotes its activities and administers and manages the annual employee participation drive in coordination with the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona. Members come from nearly a dozen County departments large and small. ECAP is the largest and most generous program of its kind in Southern Arizona.
    Judy Cooper
    Judy Cooper, Chair
    Phone: 520-724-3727
    Email: Judy.Cooper@pima.gov

    Daniel Davis, Co-Vice Chair
    Clerk of the Board
    Phone: 520-351-8455
    Email: Daniel.Davis@pima.gov
    Daniel Davis

    Joanna Dinan
    Joanna Dinan, Co-Vice Chair
    Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation
    Phone: 520-977-0816
    Email: Joanna.Dinan@Pima.Gov

    Judy Moses, Secretary
    Public Library
    Phone: 520-594-5602
    Email: Judy.Moses@pima.gov
    Judy Moses

    Andrea Altamirano
    Andrea Altamirano
    Phone: 520-724-7926
    Email: andrea.altamirano@pima.gov

    Bonnie Bazata
    Community and Workforce Development
    Phone: 520-724-3704
    Email: Bonnie.Bazata@pima.gov
    Bonnie Bazata

    Evelyn Gonzales
    Evelyn Gonzales
    Fleet Services
    Phone: 520-724-2618
    Email: Evelyn.Gonzales@pima.gov

    Magda Murtey
    Phone: 520-724-6366
    Email: Magda.Murtey@pima.gov
    Magda Murtey

    Monica Robinson
    Monica Robinson
    Phone: 520-724-2854
    Email: Monica.Robinson@pima.gov

    Ray Velez, Chair
    Facilities Management
    Phone: 520-724-4489
    Email: Ray.Velez@Pima.Gov
    Ray Velez

    Linda Volkerink
    Linda Volkerink
    Information Technology
    Phone: 520-724-7984
    Email: Linda.Volkerink@pima.gov

    ECAP Photos

    Chuck Huckelberry Dogs
    County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry speaks at the kick-off. All are welcome at the ECAP kick-off!
    Agencies Epilepsy rep
    Lots of agencies represented at the ECAP kick-off. Find nonprofits you support at the Kickoff.
    Ending Poverty Now check presentation Big check presentation
    More than $48,000 raised to end poverty. Presenting the "Big Check" at the awards luncheon.
    Jan Lesher and Magda Murtey ECAP committee
    DCA Jan Lesher with ECAP committee member Magda Murtey. Committee members got in the spirit at the awards luncheon.

    Ending Poverty Now

    Interfaith Community Services (ICS) is a lead partner with Ending Poverty Now and receives funds from the generous contributions of Pima County employees through ECAP. EPN partners with ICS on three of those programs:

    • Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World is a 50 hour curriculum that supports people experiencing poverty to take an in-depth look at what causes poverty in their own life and in the community, and then develop a new future story themselves.  
    • RESET provides much longer-term wrap-around supports like classes, financial support, individual coaching EPN classesand more. RESET drew from ICS’ own programming as well as Pima County’s MAMA (Mother’s in Arizona Moving Ahead) program. 
    • The Bridges Financial Management Class is a 20-hour financial management class written by and for people who experience “the end of the money coming before the end of the month.” It’s an interactive, judgment free space where people can get tools to gain control of their finances and connect with financial mentors who are there to coach and share expertise.
    “When people are chronically under-resourced for a long time, it often takes more than just some job leads and a resume to help someone get a job,” said Tina Bommarito, ICS’s Workforce Development Coordinator. “EPN has given us new tools we can use.” 

    When the pandemic hit, ICS responded quickly to the dramatic increase in basic needs, like food boxes.  But they also maintained their programs focused on supporting families to get ahead and achieve self-sufficiency. To make this possible, they transformed their in-person programs to a virtual format. 

    “I was so impressed at ICS’s commitment to continue serving people through the pandemic,” said Bonnie Bazata, EPN program manager. “Making the shift to a virtual format is not easy – as most of us know – but ICS used it as a way to widen their reach and connect with even more people. It’s exciting to see the difference they are making.” 

    “Our goal is to help families move ahead with sustained support -- and these three programs are key to achieving that,” said Lauryn Valladarez, ICS’s Director of Self-Sufficiency Programs. “The EPN program supports us not just with dollars, but with trainings, curriculum support and advice.  We are so grateful for this partnership and for the caring and generous Pima County employees.”


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    Employees Care About Pima County (ECAP)

    130 W. Congress St.
    Tucson, AZ 85701
    Email: ECAP@pima.gov

    Judy Cooper - Chair
    Phone: 520-724-3727

    Daniel Davis - Co-Vice Chair
    Phone: 520-351-8455

    Joanna Dinan - Co-Vice Chair
    Phone: 520-724-5363
    Email: Joanna.Dinan@Pima.Gov

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