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2013 property tax statements: Average taxpayer sees 1 percent decrease in property taxes

Sep 06, 2013 | Read More News
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The 2013 property tax statements, beginning to go out to roughly 450,000 property owners this week, will reflect a small decrease in property taxes countywide. none

A random sample of more than 180,000 homeowners indicates an average decrease of 1.1 percent in property taxes paid to Pima County compared to last year.

In all, the County will collect $4 million less from taxpayers than it did last year. That follows a $12 million drop in the tax levy last year and an $18 million drop two years ago.

The County levy for fiscal year 2013/14, at $382.9 million, remains lower than the amount levied six years ago. The decrease is due to overall net assessed valuations continuing to decline as a result of negative market conditions offset, in part, by increases in the County’s primary property tax rate and the secondary property tax rate attributable to the Pima County Library District.

Although there are 90 taxing jurisdictions reflected on the bills, Pima County has direct responsibility for only four of the taxing jurisdictions: The County’s primary property tax, which pays for general operations, and the County’s three secondary property taxes that pay for libraries, flood control and payments on County debt. The tax rates for the Regional Flood Control District and County Debt Service remain unchanged.

The statements vary depending on where residents live, given different school districts, incorporated towns and cities, and fire districts. However, when all of the jurisdictions are taken into account, the average homeowner will see a 1.0 percent decrease in total property taxes this year.

The statements are being distributed in three phases:
• Friday, Sept. 6: Roughly 233,000 tax statements will be mailed to property owners who pay the tax directly.
• Friday, Sept. 13: A second mailing will go out to 170,000 property owners whose mortgage services pay their property tax.
• Friday, Sept. 20: Roughly 47,000 personal property tax statements will be mailed.

The County property tax website http://www.pima.gov/taxes contains a series of helpful tools to assist in understanding property tax statements. The County also has established a Property Taxpayer Assistance Helpline (520.724.8650 or 520.724.8750) and accepts email at PimaTax@pima.gov