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  • Pima County Lawn & Garden Equipment Replacement Program

    L&G CDPEspañol, clic aquí

    Get up to $400* in vouchers when you turn in working gas powered equipment

    *Residents: Turn in one gas lawn mower ($150 voucher) and up to five different hand held gas devices ($50 voucher ea.)

    Commercial use: Turn in gas equipment and receive a $200 voucher for each mower and $50 voucher per hand held device. Unlimited.

    Click to Create an Application

    Submit an online application to turn in your equipment. You will need to provide the following for the equipment you wish to turn in:

         1. Brand/manufacturer; 
         2. Approximate year your equipment was manufactured; and
         3. The average number of hours your equipment is used each month.

    Click for guidance in navigating the on-line application.  

    Vouchers must be used towards the purchase of zero emission lawn and garden equipment. To help keep air healthy to breathe, PDEQ is partnering with the Arizona DEQ to encourage people to switch from gasoline powered equipment to electric, battery or manual equipment or tools.

    Why make the switch?

    • Save money on newer, more efficient devices.
    • Keep the peace while operating equipment that is more quiet.
    • Protect operator health and hearing without fumes or high decibel noise.
    • Eliminate the hassle of obtaining, storing and using gasoline.
    • Have healthier air to breathe with reduced emissions from gasoline equipment.
    • Reduce the risk of Pima County's air violating national health standards for ground-level ozone pollution.
    Questions? CutPollution@pima.gov or (520) 273-9898. Pima County reserves the right to limit the number of Drop-Off Verification Forms and vouchers issued to accommodate funding availability and provide fair opportunity to community members.


    Chris Clennon says that electric lawn and garden equipment is easier than using gas equipment for maintaining apartment complex property, and he wants to keep our blue skies blue!

    Gus Gomez was ready to replace his older gas lawn and garden equipment and chose to go electric. He says his electric mower is easier to start, is quieter, lighter, and convenient to use.

    Public Service Announcements23 x more CO

    30-second video PSA  - English

    Did you know that a two-stroke gas powered leaf blower emits 23 times more carbon monoxide than a Ford F-150 pickup truck? Help reduce air pollution and go electric for lawn and garden equipment.

    Program Requirements and Eligibility

    1. Participant must live in or use the lawn and garden equipment in Pima County.
    2. The gas-powered equipment to be replaced must be in working condition and drained of fluids.
    3. Equipment may be used for residential or commercial purposes.

    Equipment that is NOT eligible:

    • Manual reel mowers.
    • Riding lawn mowers.
    • Tractors used to pull mowing equipment.
    • Tow-behind mowers.

    How it Works

    1. Complete and submit the on-line application.
    2. Once your application is approved, you will receive, via email, a Drop-Off Verification Form for each piece of equipment approved. You have three weeks to drop off your equipment. (You may request an extension.)
    3. Bring each piece of equipment (drained of fluids) with its Drop-Off Verification Form to one of the designated locations listed on the form. 
    4. Once you relinquish your gasoline powered equipment, it cannot be returned to you.
    5. Facility staff will accept your equipment and sign, date and stamp your form. You must send a photo (jpeg) or scanned (pdf) copy of the stamped form to CutPollution@pima.gov or text to (520) 273-9898.
    6. Once the stamped form is received and processed by PDEQ staff, you will receive your voucher(s) by email. You have three weeks to use the voucher. (You may request an extension, but it can only be granted if we still have funds in the program.)
    7. Use your voucher(s) at Home Depot stores in the Tucson area towards the purchase of new electric, battery, or manual lawn and garden equipment or tools. You may purchase equipment from the Home Depot online catalog, but it must be ordered in-store by a customer service representative for you.
    8. Vouchers may not be combined for a single purchase. Transactions must be completed separately.
    9. If the expense is greater than voucher value, the customer is responsible for the difference. If the expense is less than voucher value, the leftover funds stay in the Cut Down Pollution budget.
    10. $150 and $200 vouchers may be used to purchase electric corded or battery lawn mowers.
    11. $50 vouchers may be used to purchase electric corded or battery lawn and garden devices or manual tools. Multiple manual tools may be purchased with the voucher up to the $50 value.

    Every time you use your new electric, battery or manual equipment instead of the gasoline powered equipment, you will be helping to keep our air healthy to breathe. Thank you!


    Residents using equipment to maintain their own personal property may turn in one gas powered lawn mower and up to five different gas powered hand held devices, such as one leaf blower, one chainsaw, one string trimmer, one edger, one hedge trimmer, one tiller, etc. 

    Gas mower = $150 voucher
    Gas hand held devices = $50 each x 5 = $250
    $150 + $250 = $400


    Professional landscapers or owners of businesses, apartment complexes, community gardens, etc. who maintain their business properties are eligible to turn in an unlimited amount of gas powered lawn mowers and hand held devices such as leaf blowers, chainsaws, string trimmers, edgers, hedge trimmers, tillers, etc.

    Gas mower = $200 voucher each, unlimited
    Gas hand held devices = $50 voucher each, unlimited

    When completing the application, use your business name as your First Name and enter your full name in the Last Name field. All applications come in as the Residential category and PDEQ staff needs to manually upgrade your application. Providing your business name will be helpful in identifying you as a commercial entity.

    Have questions?

    Phone (520) 273-9898 or email CutPollution@pima.gov.

    What lawn & garden equipment may I turn in?


    • Lawn mower
    • Chain saw
    • Leaf blower/vacuum
    • Hedge trimmer
    • String trimmer
    • Tiller
    • Edger

    What lawn & garden equipment may I purchase with a voucher?

    $150 resident or $200 commercial voucher:

    Electric or battery powered lawn mower.

    $50 voucher:

    Electric, battery or manual lawn and garden devices and tools including:

    • Broom
    • Chain saw
    • Edger
    • Grass or hedge shears
    • Hedge trimmer
    • Hula-ho weeder
    • Leaf blower/vacuum
    • Leaf shredder/mulcher
    • Machete
    • Pole saw
    • Pruner/lopper
    • Rake
    • Saws: extendable pole saw, fixed blade saw, bow saw, folding saw
    • String trimmer
    • Tiller
    • Weed cutter
    To avoid confusion and unnecessary trips, PDEQ will identify the Drop-Off Locations on the Drop-Off Verification forms once your application to turn in gasoline powered equipment has been approved.

    For your reference, below is a map that shows the approximate locations of the sites for planning purposes only. Equipment cannot be dropped off at these locations until on-line approval has been given by PDEQ staff and you have received your Drop-Off Verification form(s).


    The Pima County Voluntary Lawn & Garden Equipment Emissions Reduction Program is provided by funding from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and services from the following partners:


    Home Depot



    Fleet Services

    City of Tucson

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