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  • Noise Log Complaint

    Enter data in the required fields indicated by * and print the form to a PDF file using the button at bottom of the page.
    Then, submit the form one of these ways:
    1. Scan it to a PDF file and email to: civilcomplaints@pima.gov
    2. Fax the form to (520) ???-????
    3. Mail the form to:
    Noise Log
    Civil Processes Unit
    4000 N. Silverbell Rd.
    Tucson, AZ 85745
    Animal Noise Complaint Feedback

     Noise Log Details 


    Log 2


    Log 3


    Log 4


    Log 5


    Log 6


     First Complaint 

    Name: *  

    Phone: *  

    Address:  *  

    City: *    State: *    Zip code: *  

     Second Complaint 




    City:   State:   Zip code: 

     Animal Owner 

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     Animal Description 

    Breed 1:    2:

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    Name 1:    2:

     Additional Details and Information 

    Please provide a statement in the area below of you attempt to mediate the noise problem with your neighbor. If applicable, please include the agreement that was reached between both parties and why the agreement failed. Be sure to include dates of the mediation attempt. Use a separate piece of paper if necessary.

    Referred from Page: 

    Security Measure
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