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  • Board adopts tentative budget for FY 2019

    May 23, 2018 | Read More News
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    Board The Board of Supervisors May 22 adopted the tentative budget for next fiscal year, which begins July 1. The vote sets the spending limit for next fiscal year’s budget. The board may still alter appropriations for departments and special funds and taxing districts but it can’t exceed the spending caps set at the May 22 meeting. 

    Adopting the tentative budget involves a series of votes on the county’s overall budget, the Library District budget, the Flood Control District budget, and the budget for the county’s debt service (which pays off voter-approved bonds), all of which comprises the full county budget and the total county property tax rate (including the state-imposed Fire District Assistance tax). 

    Final budget adoption is scheduled for consideration by the board June 19.
    Complicating next year’s budget is a pending decision on funding road repair. The board is expected at the June 19 meeting to vote on a proposed half-cent sales tax to fund road repairs throughout the county. 

    That vote requires a unanimous vote of the board. If the sales tax is approved, it may end a special 25-cents per $100 of taxable net assessed value property tax rate passed by the board this year to fund road repairs in neighborhoods. Or the board may choose to continue the special property tax for next year to fund already scheduled road repairs and to create a funding buffer while the sales tax is prepared for implementation by the business community (the sales tax would not go into effect until Jan. 1, 2019). 

    If the half-cent sales tax doesn’t meet board approval, the board will then decide whether to keep the 25-cent road repair property tax rate or repeal it and provide no extra funding for road repairs next fiscal year. 

    The proposed total county budget (expenditure limit) for next year is $1.35 billion, which is about 6.1 percent more than this fiscal year, however, it’s still 9 percent less than the fiscal year 2008 county budget, which was the start of the Great Recession. 

    The tentative proposed total county tax rate adopted by the Board Tuesday is $5.9043 per $100 of taxable net assessed value (including an estimated $0.0459 per $100 of taxable net assessed value for the Fire District Assistance Tax that is not controlled by the board), which if adopted June 19 would be a tax rate cut of 12 cents per $100 below the current fiscal year’s rate. The total rate may change if the board adopts the road repair sales tax and eliminates the 25-cent property tax rate. 

    If the board doesn’t adopt the road repair sales tax June 19 but keeps the road repair property tax rate, the resulting total county property tax rate cut for next fiscal year would fulfill a pledge made by the County Administrator and the board last year to make the 25-cent special road repair tax rate neutral for county taxpayers. Sherriff’s Department personnel costs prevented the board from cutting the primary property tax rate by the full 25 cents this fiscal year, so the board proposes to make it up next fiscal year by cutting the primary rate 14 cents, lowering the rate to $4.3196 from $4.4596. 

    Review detailed information about the proposed FY 2019 budget