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  • Little Green Riding Hood

    Little Green Riding HoodAdapted from the longtime favorite tale Little Red Riding Hood, this Green version was altered to share information about living a bit more eco-friendly. The story delves into home energy use and transportation, two major sources of air pollution and greenhouse gases in our community. Additional topics such as rainwater harvesting, recycling, enjoying nature, choosing appropriate firewood to burn (if burning wood in your fireplace) are touched upon as well.

    Follow Little Green Riding Hood as she leaves her little town, passing by a variety of air pollution sources, and scampers through the woods to visit her grandmother in a nearby village. Along the way, Little Green Riding Hood meets an industrious wolf who is trying to make a living selling products he thinks are useful. Read the book to find out what the characters share and learn on their journey and how they expand their understanding of the positive impact they can have on the environment.

    View an electronic version of the book.
    Want to have a group conversation? Use activity sheets for younger and older elementary grades.

    For story-telling presentations, contact Karen.Wilhelmsen@pima.gov or 724-7400.