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  • First meeting of Sales Tax Advisory Committee Sept. 29

    Sep 26, 2017 | Read More News
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    pavement prezThe Sales Tax Advisory Committee will hold its first of at least seven meetings Friday, at Casas Church, Palo Verde Room, 10801 N. La Cholla Blvd., starting at 9:30 a.m. 

    The Board of Supervisors created the committee to answer three questions:
    Should the Board adopt a half-cent sales tax for the purposes of accelerating road repair throughout the County, including within cities and towns?
    Should the Board use any portion of the revenues from a sales tax to reduce County primary property taxes? 
    Should the sales tax be permanent or temporary?

    The Board also required the committee to hold meetings in each Supervisor’s district. Friday’s meeting is in District 1. One of the items on Friday’s agenda is deciding the schedule for future committee meetings.

    The 17-member committee also will hear an update from the Transportation Advisory Committee, which the board also created this year and tasked with recommending allocation of revenue from a special 25-cent property tax rate to repair local roads, and to craft a plan for starting local road repairs in the county. There are five members of the Transportation Committee on the Sales Tax Committee. The Sales Tax Committee is to consider whether to recommend replacing the special property tax for roads with the sales tax. 

    Pima County has roughly $313 million worth of roads in need of repair in the unincorporated county. Pima County’s share of the special property tax is about $9 million a year, meaning it would take at least 35 years to fix the roads with current revenues. The county’s share of the revenue from a half-cent sales tax could be considerably more than that, and if used entirely for road repair, could bring all of the roads up to at least a fair condition within 10 years or less. Pima County is the only county in Arizona without a sales tax, which is why the county tax rate is the highest in the state.

    The sales tax could also be used to replace property tax revenue, lowering property taxes throughout the county. 


    More Information about Sales Tax Committee