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  • Transportation Advisory Committee invites regional organizations

    Sep 13, 2017 | Read More News
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    The Pima County Transportation Advisory Committee (PCTAC) invites organized groups to schedule a time to present their local PCTACroad repair priorities at Committee meetings. 

    The Committee plans to provide up to 30 minutes at its meetings for organized groups –  such as regional councils, groups representing multiple neighborhoods and other non-single neighborhood specific organizations – to make their presentations. 

    Organizations interesting in making presentations to the Committee can contact Annabelle Valenzuela at 724-6410 or for information or to schedule a time. 

    Homeowner’s Associations (HOA) also can attend any scheduled committee meeting to address the PCTAC at the call to the audience.  These groups will be up to 5-minutes each to present their road repair priorities to the Committee.

    The PCTAC will set priorities for how to spend the $19.5 million from a new 25-cent primary property tax. The Board of Supervisors approved the tax, which is reserved for local road repairs, with the Fiscal Year 2017-18 budget.

    The Committee’s recommendations for local road repairs in the incorporated and unincorporated areas is expected to be finalized late this year. That recommendation will go to the Board of Supervisors for final approval. 

    Read more about the Committee here

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